Top 10 Companion Plants for Your Tomatoes

I like to grow onions with my tomatoes when I have the chance. They don’t really add benefits to the soil or anything, but I think tomatoes and onions go together in so many recipes. If you have tomatoes and onions, you can make soups, sauces, pizza, and so much more!

Marigolds are one of the best companion plants for tomatoes. They have an amazing color, but they also add lots of benefits. Marigolds help repel pests that typically attack tomato plants. This is especially true for pests that like to eat the roots.

Plant some leaf lettuce around your tomato plants. The lettuce acts as a type of mulch that protects the ground and keeps your tomatoes strong and healthy. You can also harvest the lettuce, which makes it even better!

Lots of gardeners say that garlic is a great companion plant for tomatoes. I like this idea because garlic and tomato together tastes AMAZING! There’s nothing better than a smooth and garlicky tomato sauce.

Borage is a lesser known plant, but it’s perfect for companion planting. It’s believed to prevent hornworms. The colors are also very bright. The flowers taste like cucumbers, so you can add them to drinks and salads.

Chives are said to increase the health and flavor of your tomatoes. Seeing as you can also harvest chives, I think this is a great companion plant for the garden. The blooms have some magnificent colors as well.

To get just general protection and benefits, plant some basil alongside your tomatoes. Lots of people say that basil will increase the number of tomatoes that grow too. Plus, tomato and basil go together in so many recipes; they’re the perfect duo!

If you’re concerned about insects and want a plant to help repel them, then try amaranth. It’s supposed to keep most pests at bay that attack your tomatoes. You’ll want to combine this with other preventions, but amaranth is a good start.

Plant some sage around the tomatoes. Even if it doesn’t protect or benefit the tomatoes, at least you’ll have some free sage you can add to any recipes!

Carrots grow really well with tomatoes. They don’t necessarily add any benefits; the two vegetables just work together really well to maximize your garden space and nutrients. You can plant both close to one another and get a good harvest of both.