15 Beautiful Hanging Planter Ideas

Although this project may take a bit of skill, I think it’s a beautiful hanging planter. The plants in the lightbulbs all hanging at different levels are such a unique look. I like to use coarse rope or thin string; I think either goes really well with this look.

An old chandelier repurposed to be a hanging planter is a great idea. It has all the spots for individual plants, and it’s instantly ready to be hung up. You can paint the chandelier, too, if needed.

I love this rustic look. I think it can make a boring patio look really nice and quaint. The pails can be stacked above one another, or you can hang them side by side. There are quite a few different ways to arrange these planters.

Upcycle your empty wine bottles by turning them into hanging planters. Peel off any ugly labels, and the wine bottles can actually look really nice. A few different but solid colors look really good together.

My husband and I love decorating with bird cages around our house. They also work great as hanging planters. You can put long, dangling vines in the bird cages to get a really cute look.

Tin cans are a simple but effective way to incorporate some hanging planters into your yard or patio. Paint them for a more unique and creative look.

I didn’t really think I would like this idea, but a tire hanging planter is surprisingly super cute! Obviously, I think you should paint it, so it’s not a big, ugly tire hanging around. But a light and fun color looks nice.

These lace-and-jar planters are a pretty classy addition. They’re simple, but they look amazing. I love how the dark soil can so nicely contrast with the green plants. And the lace adds that texture that takes it to a whole new level.

These small wooden boxes are some of the cutest hanging planters that I’ve seen. You can easily make them, or you can try a different type of wooden box. There are endless ideas for your planter boxes!

When I first saw fish bowl hanging planters, I just instantly fell in love with them. It’s such a unique yet clever way to decorate. And, they’re so functional! I love how the glass turns them into a fancy little terrarium.

Take some of your old shoes and boots and use them as hanging planters. Choose colorful ones that still look cute but just aren’t wearable. You can hang them by string or attach them to a board.

Attach some terra cotta pots together to turn a classic planter into a hanging one! You can even paint the lip of the pot or the base for a personalized touch. Choose different sizes and shapes to impress your guests.

Cut some plastic bottles and use the bases for your hanging planters. Paint them, and they won’t even look like plastic bottles. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how fantastic these turn out.

Build or buy a whole sign that has a hanging planter attached to it. What a fun way to greet your guests and decorate your yard and home. Choose flowers that complement the material and color of the sign.

This DIY bird nest hanging planter is stunning. I thought it was a real bird nest when I first saw it. The combination such natural and rustic elements makes it an amazing hanging planter.