12 Veggies That Will Grow Incredibly Fast in Your Garden

Green Onions. What I like a lot about this plant is that you can just trim them down and they’ll grow right back up again. I suggest culling when they reach about six inches. It should take about 21 days for this plant to grow to the appropriate length.

Arugula. This plant grows best in cool weather, so you can plant it at the beginning of spring and not have to worry about lingering cold weather to kill it. Arugula should normally be harvest-ready within a month or so.

Spinach. You should only have to wait about a little over a month for your spinach to grow. That’s a pretty fast turnaround rate, which means you can plant quite a few times. What’s even better is that spinach can grow in partial sunlight, so you don’t even need an “ideal” garden spot.

Radish. After about three weeks, your radishes should be big enough to harvest. They also like cooler weather (around 50 to 65 degrees), so it’s a plant that can go in the ground earlier than most others.

Lettuce. If you want your lettuce to reach full maturity, wait about 80 days. However, I know not all of us are that patient. Usually, you can harvest lettuce leaves after about 25 days, although they won’t be as big as fully mature plants.

Baby carrots. Along those same lines, baby carrots are ready within a month. The larger types and varieties can be ready within 50 to 80 days. So let that help you decide what carrots you want.

Kale. When this plant reaches two inches it’s ready to be culled. You don’t have to at that length, but you can. It should take around 30 days for it to grow that tall.

Turnips. Between 30 and 55 days is the ideal time to harvest your turnips. The earlier in that window, the sweeter and more tender the turnip will be. So if you have certain recipes in mind, just remember that.

Zucchini. I didn’t realize that zucchini was such a fast grower! It can be ready in 40-50 days. Once the flowers start blooming, the veggies should be ready in about 4 to 8 days. If you’re lucky, you can get 8-10 lbs per season.

Snow peas. Give these little guys 60 days and you’ll be able to gather as many snow peas as you’d like. They’re a fun and tasty plant to have around; plus, they can make your garden more unique.

Cress. This plant is quickly becoming a garden must-have. Not only do people love its peppery taste, but cress is incredibly easy to grow. It’s a very low-maintenance plant. When leaves reach about 2 inches, they’re ready to be harvested.

Cucumbers. Here’s another plant I didn’t know grew so fast, although it does take 50-70 days. I know that’s a bit longer than the others, but it’s worth the wait. And you’ll love having fresh cucumber at home!