12 Plants that Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

Celosia. Here’s a plant perfect for adding texture to your garden. It also comes in many different sizes and shapes. For example, you can get the round celosia, or you could try the thin arrow-shaped celosia.

Snapdragons. My favorite thing about snapdragons is the variety of colors they come in. You could only plant snapdragons in your garden, and you’d still get a rainbow of color. Of course, they look best with other flowers, but snapdragons are a garden must-have!

Lavender. If you know me, then you know I love lavender. I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s an amazing plant that gives great bang for your buck because you can use it so many ways. It freshens up the garden, it can be used in cooking and medicine, and it adds a great touch of color to the yard.

Bee Balm. Also known as monarda, this plant is great if you want to bring pollinators to your yard. It spreads pretty well, so make sure you keep it under control. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Amaranth. To get a flower that’s unique as its name, plant some amaranths. You can buy them from the nursery at a good cost, or you can plant from a seed for nearly no money. Amaranth has an amazing shape and color, so it’ll add wonders to your garden.

Black-Eyed Susan. This is a simple and elegant flower. One of the reasons it’s so good is because it can survive in really poor soil and dry climates.

Hyacinth. If you need a plant for a tight spot, this is your flower. Hyacinth looks amazing in small patches (I think it’s the way the flowers fold over), and the colors will astound all of your guests. Planter boxes, window boxes, or any confined space are a great choice.

Zinnia. This is one of the best flowers if you want a low-maintenance plant. The return on investment is huge. They’re incredibly easy to grow, and the bright colors will blow you away.

Yaupon Holly. Although not very common, this is a great plant for tougher climates. It’s very drought-resistant, so it won’t die if that’s a concern. It can also get up to 15 feet tall, and I’d say that’s quite a bang for your buck!

Morning Glory. Honestly, this is one of my favorite plants. It grows so well and easy that my grandpa considers it a weed! You almost have to do zero work to have these beautiful blossoms appear in your yard.

Daylily. This is one of the better plants for lining your garden. They add simple but bright colors and create a great border. They also come in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll never run out of choices.

Clethra. There are so many great things about this plant that make it worth the price. First and foremost, the smell is amazing! You’ll love it in your yard. It also attracts bees and butterflies, which means more pollination in your garden. I also love the look of the plant.