15 Ingenious Hacks that Will Take Your Backyard to the Next Level

Put your old wine bottles to use. You can save your time and the environment with this idea. Fill the bottles with water and place them upside down in the soil. They will automatically water your plants for you.

Make these fun and cute glow orbs that you can place around your yard and garden. They create a fairy tale feel. You could also make glow-in-the-dark planters. I like the orbs more though; they’re more magical.

If critters keep breaking into your garden and eating your plants, try this. Stick some plastic forks in the soil. Cats, deer, and other critters will have a hard time getting to your plants after that.

A cheap way to add some lighting to you yard is with string lights. You don’t need to buy fixtures, bulbs, or anything like that. Just get the lights, plug them in, and string them up!

Pool owners are going to want to look at this hack. It’s a super cheap way to keep your pool warm. Put some black plastic in hula hoops and place them in the water. They’ll absorb the sunlight and heat up your pool. The more you have, the quicker they heat.

Build some lawn games that you and your guests can play in your backyard. I personally think a private bowling alley in the lawn is a great idea, but I know that takes a bit to build. However, you could so something like giant Jenga, chess, or something similar.

Install a bed swing that everyone can enjoy. Make sure it’s mounted well and can hold the weight. Add pillows, blankets, and other cozy items to really enjoy it as best you can.

This table cooler is pretty much the best thing invented. It’s just a small slice opened for holding drinks, but it’s amazing in the summer. Drinks will stay cool and within arm’s reach.

Here’s a fun project for you and the kids. Make tin can lanterns that can be placed around the patio and yard. They’re cheap and easy to make, and your kids will love seeing their artwork displayed. You can make all sort of cute patterns in the cans.

I love movies and I love being outside, so this is the perfect backyard idea. Just hang a sheet from a tree branch, or make a full-on cinema. The choice is yours. I like the idea of an antique popcorn maker for the yard, too!

Hate seeing all that water wasted that drips out of your potted plants? Hate having to water them ALL the time? Place a diaper at the bottom of the planter. It will absorb the water and keep your soil moist for longer!

Install some mosquito repelling tiki torches in your patio or yard. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time outside. You can use recycled wine bottles and citronella oil in the fuel to repel mosquitos.

Here’s a way to make your yard seem bigger: hang mirrors up on the fences. They’ll reflect the light and space around them, creating the illusion that your yard is bigger. Isn’t this such a clever idea?

Use cinderblocks to make a DIY planter for gardening on your patio. You can even paint the cinderblocks to make them more decorative. Stack the blocks or arrange them in rows, whichever suits you best.

I suggest getting some storage furniture that you can use outside. This will open up your space and allow you to keep things stored away that you don’t need. It can have blankets for chillier nights or even supplies for cooking s’mores around the fire!