15 of the Best Groundcovers for Your Yard and Garden

Thyme. This is a groundcover that’s hard to beat. It emits a pleasant aroma and it comes in pink or white. The colors are beautiful. Plant it in full sun with well-drained soil.

Creeping Junipers. This is one of the best groundcovers for sunny hillsides. The bush-like plant grows low to the ground, and it grows fast. It can provide the cover you need on your hill without wasting much time.

Brass Buttons. Add this groundcover to areas where there will be lots of foot traffic but you want something besides grass. Brass Buttons are really tough, so they can survive if they’re walked on. They also add nice texture to the garden or yard.

Labrador Violet. Oh my, the colors on this plant are breath-taking. Want to know what’s even better? It’s a super hardy plant, so you don’t have to do much to take care of it. Beautiful and low-maintenance: sounds like my kind of plant!

Willow. I like willow because it’s simple and the leaves look so plump and attractive. There are a few shoots of flowers, but the overall plant is just nice and simple. This is good if you’re going for an elegant design.

Yellow Alyssium. Both the leaves and the flowers are gorgeous on this plant. The flowers are a bright pop of yellow when in blue. And the leaves are a blue-gray that still dazzle even when the plant isn’t flowering. That makes it great for a year-round groundcover.

Sweet Wodruff. I can’t emphasize how much I like a good-smelling yard or home. That’s why I’m obsessed with this groundcover. When it gets stepped on or crushed, it smells like freshly mown hay. Can’t beat that!

Geraniums. If you’re like my sister and pretty much kill any plant you work with, geraniums are for you. They grow pretty much anywhere and don’t require much maintenance. The flowers are an astounding color, which is great.

Snow-in-summer. This plant looks exactly as you would think: as if a flurry of snow has just kicked up in the summer heat. The vibrant white flowers spill and flow wherever they’re planting, looking like a giant pile of snow.

Golden Moneywort. If you want to break up all that green, then plant this groundcover. Just remember that it spreads quickly, so watch it and prune when necessary. Golden moneywort can add a sense of class and dignity to nearly any garden or yard.

Bunchberries.  Isn’t that about the cutest name you’ve ever heard? The plant is also adorable. The flowers are a stark white against the green leaves. And in fall, small red berries pop up to make it even better!

Leadwort. I can’t get over how much I love this groundcover. It’s pretty much gorgeous any time of the year. The flowers are a deep blue when in season. The leaves are bronze or dark green. And the foliage turns an amazing scarlet red in the fall.

Scotch Moss. If you want that quaint country feel, then this is the perfect groundcover. The moss gives that remote and isolated feel. It’s ideal for places where other plants won’t grow, like between rocks and stepping stones.

Ajuga. Isn’t that a fun name to say? Almost as fun as the plant itself. Ajuga adds some great splashes of purple, white, or periwinkle to your yard. The flowers also grow in fun shapes to add texture and depth.

Epimedium. Use this groundcover for spots that are in the shade and don’t get much water. Epimedium can survive in places where most other groundcovers and plants would just die. Because of that, and because of its gorgeous colors, Epimedium is a must.