12 DIY Weekend Projects for Your Backyard

No yard is complete without a swing, am I right? It reminds me of my childhood when my siblings and I would swing from the tree all day. That, and of summer nights. Swings just make the yard so much better!

If you’re an avid gardener, then make your own potting bench. They make life so much easier. Seriously. You don’t have to bend over and be in the dirt the whole time when working on your plants, which is a lot easier for your knees and back.

I would also suggest building a compost bin for your garden. This is a great way to put your food waste to use, and it also helps the environment. You don’t have to feel guilty about throwing away all those leftover fruit and veggies, or even their peelings.

There are about a thousand different ways you can add lighting to your yard, and all of them can be done in a weekend. I personally like string lights, but you could do lanterns, tiki torches or anything else.

If you and your guests spend a lot of time in the backyard, consider making a beverage cart. It has all the necessities for a nice drink without having to go back inside all the time. Your guests will be so amazing at how handy you are and how accessible the cart is.

One of my favorite memories as a kid was gathering around our firepit in the backyard to roast S’mores. Build your own firepit, with quite a few different ideas and tutorials, to bring the same fun memories to your yard this summer.

Build a tool organizer that you can use to keep all your stuff neat and orderly. If you already have a shed, build it on the wall. If not, you can easily build one under a deck or on the side of your house.

I love hanging out on my back patio, but the bugs and mosquitos sometimes drive me CRAZY! I found this cool tiki torch idea that uses citronella oil to repel them, though. I think it’s a great DIY project for anyone facing the same problem.

No need to go buy expensive planters from the store when you can just make your own! That’s right, it’s easy and pretty cheap to do. You can paint the planter to be any color or style you want.

If you have the space in your yard, you could consider making a pathway over the weekend. You could use stepping stones, wood from a garden pallet, or other materials. There are tons of ideas and lots of options.

Create a garden bench out of some posts and a few cinder blocks. Slap a cushion on the top and you’ve got a super comfortable bench. Paint the wood and/or blocks to make it even more unique!

If you have kids who just keep begging for a treehouse or something similar, you can try this. It’s a garden playhouse that they’ll love hanging out in. And the best part is that it gets them out of the house, so you get more peace and quiet!