12 Projects to Instantly Approve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When a new guest is looking for your home, the first thing they’ll see is the house numbers. So you want to make sure yours are crisp, clean, and looking good. Replace them, if need be, to get bigger and more visible ones that also increase curb appeal.

You need to paint something in order to make your home look better. It could be the entire house, the front door and its trim, or maybe just the shutters. Or all three! New paint will make your house look newer, which will increase its curb appeal.

Improve the lawn by planting flowers or adding flower boxes to your windows. Everybody loves a good flower garden, and they will increase your curb appeal. Plant flowers in season that are colorful and bright. Depending on your skill level, you may want flowers that are hardy and easier to take care of.

You could also consider adding decorative hedges to your yard. These can take a boring yard and turn it into a fancy-looking cottage replica. Usually hedges look best bordering your home, the yard, or a path. Choose their placement and go for it.

Believe it or not, the garage door can say a lot about your home. If you don’t have the time or money to replace the whole thing, try this. Just paint a faux carriage design on your existing door. It looks great, and you can’t even tell its fake from a distance.

At night, the first thing anyone is going to notice is your lighting. If its old, rundown, and ugly, then your home will look terrible. Go out and buy some new light fixtures and light bulbs so that your home is bathed in soft, cozy lighting.

If you have the space, add some really comfortable front porch furniture. Not only can you and your guests spend time out there, but it also looks good when people come over. It makes your home feel very inviting and welcoming.

A lot of newer homes don’t have stand-alone mailboxes, but if yours does, then you probably want to update it. Don’t just have a dingy and boring mailbox, but really make it something fancy. Honestly, you could even place a fake one just for decorative purposes if you wanted to.

Something that a lot of homeowners don’t realize is that you want your front door to have symmetry. If not, it can look off-putting and awkward. All you need to do is use identical decorations on each side of the door so that it’s even. It’s not too hard, and it makes a huge difference.

If you can, add an arbor or some sort of arbor gate to your yard. It gives you extra privacy and security, but it also makes your home look fancier. By setting it apart from the sidewalk and road, your house will have an air of importance and grandeur that people will notice.

For yards with pathways, update and improve it right now. There’s always something you can do. It may be to replace the entire pathway, or you could just get pavers to line the current pathway. Whatever you choose, pathways can always look better.

Add some tile or even faux tile to your ugly concrete entryway, and you will realize how much of a difference it makes. Tile looks a thousand times better than bland concrete, and you can even have it complement your house so that the color scheme all works together.