15 Gorgeous Fences for Your Garden

Be environmentally friendly and use recycled wood to make your garden fence. It doesn’t have to be gross wood that’s falling apart, though. You can find some really good wood in garden pallets and other sources.

A privacy hedge is a clever way to add a boundary to your wall without introducing any non-natural elements. You can use small hedges, tall trees, or any combination you’d like. Privacy hedges keep your yard green but also give you the border you want.

You can’t mention a garden fence without bringing up a picket fence. You could even go for the classic white picket fence. It’s up to you. But they all look great.

Bamboo is an interesting, fun, and really effective material to use for a garden fence. This doesn’t do much to keep out pests (unless you connect the bamboo posts), but it is a great decorative fence. Put the posts in at varying heights.

Wattle fences are super adorable. And they remind me of an English cottage from a Jane Austen novel or something. They vary in difficulty to make, depending on the type and complexity you want, so keep that in mind.

You could also just make a generically rustic fence. Get the right posts with the perfect amount of distress and then add some ivy or other vines. Before you know it, you’ll have a fence that looks like it’s been there for ages!

Wood and brick fences, in my opinion, are some of the cutest out there. They remind me of old, colonial America and how quaint everything was back then. You can use actual bricks or just a veneer. It’s up to you.

For a more modern feel, try corrugated metal panels. They can be placed vertically or horizontally, so keep that in mind. This provides a great combination of natural and urban for a fun and unique yard.

I feel like I’ve started seeing a lot of these fence types around my neighborhood and city. Gabion walls use metal cages that are filled with some sort of material. I like river rocks or other stone because they look the best.

Get creative and use old window shutters or doors to make a fence for your garden. Distress the texture a bit to give it that worn-down look that really adds to the garden. I particularly like the pop of color and style these can add to a garden.

Make this really cool and modern steel fence. As with some of the other styles, it doesn’t keep everything out, but the design is phenomenal. This curved layout helps accentuate the best parts of the metal, I think.

Vinyl fences are a lot like picket fences, but they’re much easier to maintain. They last longer in bad weather and don’t require as much upkeep while still giving you that quaint charm you want.

Why not use some concrete to make a garden fence? It’s easy enough to do, and the concrete can accentuate the natural elements of the garden. This could be a great option for you.

This boundary is made out of Massachusetts Goshen stone. It’s beautiful, fits great together, and blends seamlessly with the garden or yard. It may require a bit more time and money than other projects, but I think it’s worth it.

Wire mesh is a simple yet effective solution if you want a garden fence. If you want one to keep out animals, then this is your answer. It takes less than a day to put up and it will protect your plants.