20 Cute and Fun DIY Garden Bench Ideas

I’ve seen these gabion benches all over the place, it seems. I think they’re starting to become really popular. So jump on that wagon and make your own gabion garden bench. They’re cute, classy, and very elegant.

Stack some cinderblocks and put wooden posts in between them. This creates a nice base for your bench. You can also create a backrest the same way, but it’s not necessary. Place a cushion on the posts to make it more comfortable.

You could also just skip the posts all together and make a bench solely out of cinderblocks. Obviously, you’ll need pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable. Paint the blocks, if you want, to make the bench more appealing.

Take an old storage cubby and turn it into a garden bench. All you have to do is turn it on its side and you’re good! Paint it to make it look brand new. You can even still use it for storage, things like shoes and boots.

You can never go wrong with a simple garden bench. This one is just a piece of wood and cement legs. Nice, easy, and it gets the job done. Feel free to decorate it, but you don’t have to.

For those of you with young kids, this might be a great idea. It’s a combination between a sandbox and a garden bench! If you imagine hard enough, you could sit on the bench and pretend like your at the beach. You can also build the bench to fold down so it covers the sandbox when not in use.

Upcycle an old bedframe to make your garden bench. This won’t even cost you any money. There are a few ways to do this, depending on how much of the bedframe is usable. Look around and find the best tutorial for you.

This unique bench uses planters as the legs. That way you can get a bench and add some green to your yard or garden. Choose plants that aren’t too intensive and that don’t spread a lot. You want to actually be able to sit on the bench.

If you have a beautiful tree in your yard, make a bench that rings it. You can do this from old chairs, leftover pieces of wood, or get brand new material. A circular tree bench is just so fun and really adds a nice touch to your yard.

Speaking of trees, if you just cut one down, maybe use the wood for a bench. It gives your yard and garden even more of a rustic look, and the material should blend right now. I like how it still feels woodsy yet manmade.

Old chairs are a great resource when it comes to building a garden bench. You’ll just want to make sure they’re in good enough condition to sit on. If so, you can merge two together, or just use the backs of a few. The choice is yours and the options are limitless.

Use an old door to make a new garden bench. Depending on how many you have, the door could be used as both the seat and the back rest. But it’s up to you. Try to use doors that are sturdy so they don’t break when sat upon.

Don’t throw away your garden pallets. Instead, use them to make a bench! You can take the pallet apart and use the individual plies, or you can use the whole pallet as one. There are so many choices, and they all look great!

Be unique and make a hanging garden bench! This takes a bit more time than other benches, but it’s so fun to have around! Add pillows and blankets to make it the most comfortable spot in the yard!

Put those car parts to use by making a bench out of them. An old tail gate can be used as a garden bench or back. License plates can be used as decorative arm rests. There are so many great ideas!

Crates and cushions are a fun and easy way to make a modular bench. It provides storage, is comfortable, and can easily be moved around when needed. Just make sure to get heavy-duty crates!

I absolutely fell in love with this rustic wicker bench when I saw it. I l love how it looks like it’s made straight from the branches in your yard. If you want a fairy tale-esque garden bench, then look no further!

This isn’t so much a bench as it is a platform. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea. Lots of people can relax on this garden bench, and it’s so relaxing to lay out underneath the canopy of trees.

If you want an intensive but rewarding garden bench project, then try this. It’s an arbor, so you get a bench and a super cute piece of décor. You can decorate it with vines, flowers, or string lights for an even more romantic addition.

Take apart that picket fence you have and use it for your bench. Paint the wood, if you want, or keep it looking used and distressed. Make sure the support beams are strong enough, and add some pillows for comfort and color.