12 Stellar Backyard Fire Pit ideas

Get a fire pit and a nice little patio area for your backyard with this idea. The stone comes together will really with the fire pit to give a nice and cozy look. Throw in some comfy chairs, and you’ve got yourself the perfect nighttime getaway.

This fire pit looks even better because of the curved benches that go around it. You have to remember that a fire pit isn’t just a place to burn logs. It’s a place to gather, and these benches make it open while also feeling intimate.

If you want a fire pit in your backyard, then add some gravel to make it a bit safer. It also helps blend the stone of the fire pit with the rest of your yard, as well. The combination of stone, gravel, and grass comes together so well in this design.

A square fire pit is a bit unconventional, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. In fact, a square fire pit adds an eccentric yet personable feel to your yard or patio. And you can make it out of a lot of different materials.

A lot of my friends have an in-ground fire pit in their yard. At first, I didn’t really like this idea, but it’s grown on me. I like the simplicity of it, and it’s nice to not have a visual obstruction to your yard. Just make sure it’s edged well so no one accidently falls in.

Add a touch of modern to your yard with this circular concrete fire pit. I think the stones in it are a nice touch, but not necessary. Make sure you follow the instructions if you make this yourself. You could even make a few of them to scatter around your patio.

I love having a fire pit, but having to gather firewood is always a nightmare. My kids are supposed to do that, but you know that never happens. I like this design because all the storage is right there. You just have the wood stored under the benches for easy gathering and access.

Isn’t this rectangular fire pit so fun? I like how it’s not normal, but it still looks good. The rough edges of the concrete add some really nice texture to the space, as well.

This fire pit made from overlaid stone looks so natural and rustic, but it’s really sturdy! The pattern and design become a focal point for your yard or patio, which any good fire pit should do.

You can really have your fire pit stand out by having some sort of fire sculpture. It doesn’t have to be this one, but the sculpture turns it from a place to gather to a conversation piece. I like how it turns the fire into a piece of art for your yard.

This glass box is such a modern and unique way to incorporate a fire pit into your yard. You could get a few of them around the patio for some nice lighting as well. There are lots of options and design ideas if you choose this one.

Turn an old wine barrel into the base for a fantastic fire pit. The design and material can complement the rest of your patio. I like how classy it makes everything look.