Top 15 Most Colorful Perennials for Your Yard and Garden

Peruvian lily. The combined colors in this flower are absolutely stunning. This flower comes in purple, yellow, and orange, and each type is gorgeous. Make sure to twist the shoot off at the base so the flowers keep on growing.

Mango Punch. I’m not going to lie, this flower makes me want to drink a big bowl of fruit punch. It just has that color that I absolutely love.

Phlox. Not only is the shape great on these perennials, but you also have the choice of multiple colors. So you can always get flowers that match and complement the rest of your garden.

Russian Sage. I really enjoy the deep and rich color that comes from Russian. It can grow really big, though, so be aware of that. Usually it works best in the back of a garden so that it can reach high without blocking other plants.

Gloriosa Daisy. I love how simple yet colorful this flower is. It adds that fantastic pop of yellow that daisies are so well known for. Plant a few in your garden to get a great accent color for your yard!

Blanket Flower. This flower is both gorgeous and it’s incredibly tough. It’s drought- and heat-tolerant, which means it can withstand some pretty brutal temperatures and climates.

Yarrow. Whether you want the simple white or the colorful yellow, yarrow is a great addition to any garden or yard. Both varieties grow well, and both add texture and color to your garden that it can’t be without.

Daffodil. This is a classic flower, but there’s a reason for it. It’s so pretty, and it’s not too hard to care for. Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean that’s bad. You won’t regret the bright yellow addition they are to the garden.

Veronica. For a stunning addition to you garden, try veronica. These spikes of blue or red will pop out all over your garden, adding some awesome height and color to the yard. Plant them near the front for the best growth.

Purple coneflower. This is, by far, one of my favorite flowers. I just love the color and the shape of this plant. It’s so unique, and that makes me happy. It’s great for drawing attention to your flowerbed.

Penstemon. These plants don’t live for long, but I think they’re still worth it because they’re breath-taking. Their rich color is a must for any serious gardener looking for color, and their trumpet shape isn’t too bad, either.

Pineapple sage. Get that tropical feeling by adding pineapple sage to your garden. This is the best in fall, when the plant grows some astounding red spikes.

Aster. To me, aster is like that friend who is just so sweet and kind. When I look at aster, I just feel at peace. Which is why I love having it in my garden. Plus, the white they add is just so cute and pure!

Forget-me-not. I can’t forget to mention forget-me-nots! They’re so cute, and the colors are amazing. It won’t be the focus of your garden, but it will for sure add that extra boost of color that you’re looking for.

Chrysanthemum. The best part about this flower is that it comes in a handful of colors to choose from, so you have a wide selection. The circular shape and texture of the bloom is also great for adding variety to your garden.

10 Perfect Climbing Plants for Trellises, Archways, and Arbors

Bougainvillea. Here’s an easy plant to take care of. Bougainvillea is very pest- and disease-resistant. The colors are also really pretty. Grow this for a beautiful and easy-to-maintain plant on your archways.

Honeysuckle. Just the name of this plant is great. And it looks fantastic. You’ll also add a nice aroma to your yard with this plant.

Zephirine Drouhin Rose. This plant is a great grower and it’s also thornless. Can’t beat that. The vines are incredibly flexible, making them great to wrap around arches and trellises.

Clematis. Grow this for a classic and classy look. It will usually start flowering in spring to give you the color you want. I like combining this plant with other climbers to get a unique appearance.

Abutilon ‘Kentish Belle.’ The shape of the flowers alone makes this plant worth it. But the colors are also spectacular. There are a few varieties you can grow, each one as astounding as the next. These plants are easy to grow and they grow fast.

Golden Trumpet. The name of this plant kinda says it all. You get a beautiful color and shape from this plant. And the contrast against the green and brown of the vine makes it even better. These are some of the best climbing plants, I think.

Blue Moon Wisteria. The name is a bit misleading because you can get flowers that are blue, purple, red or white. Nevertheless, this is an amazing climbing plant for your trellises, archways, or arbors. Grow in full sun to get the healthiest plants and blooms.

Morning Glory. This plant is considered a weed by some (like my grandpa), but I think it’s too beautiful to be a weed! As long as you control the growth and keep it contained, Morning Glory is a great addition to any yard, especially the trellises and archways.

Sweet Peas. You can’t really do research on climbing plants without seeing information on sweet peas. It’s a popular choice because it grows well and also smells great. It does require more work since it’s prone to bugs and pests.

Passion Flower. For a hardy plant that grows well in tropical areas, try this guy. It has a great smell, edible fruit, and bright flowers, so it’s a pretty good choice. It’s fast-growing, so keep an eye on it.

12 Plants that Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

Celosia. Here’s a plant perfect for adding texture to your garden. It also comes in many different sizes and shapes. For example, you can get the round celosia, or you could try the thin arrow-shaped celosia.

Snapdragons. My favorite thing about snapdragons is the variety of colors they come in. You could only plant snapdragons in your garden, and you’d still get a rainbow of color. Of course, they look best with other flowers, but snapdragons are a garden must-have!

Lavender. If you know me, then you know I love lavender. I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s an amazing plant that gives great bang for your buck because you can use it so many ways. It freshens up the garden, it can be used in cooking and medicine, and it adds a great touch of color to the yard.

Bee Balm. Also known as monarda, this plant is great if you want to bring pollinators to your yard. It spreads pretty well, so make sure you keep it under control. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Amaranth. To get a flower that’s unique as its name, plant some amaranths. You can buy them from the nursery at a good cost, or you can plant from a seed for nearly no money. Amaranth has an amazing shape and color, so it’ll add wonders to your garden.

Black-Eyed Susan. This is a simple and elegant flower. One of the reasons it’s so good is because it can survive in really poor soil and dry climates.

Hyacinth. If you need a plant for a tight spot, this is your flower. Hyacinth looks amazing in small patches (I think it’s the way the flowers fold over), and the colors will astound all of your guests. Planter boxes, window boxes, or any confined space are a great choice.

Zinnia. This is one of the best flowers if you want a low-maintenance plant. The return on investment is huge. They’re incredibly easy to grow, and the bright colors will blow you away.

Yaupon Holly. Although not very common, this is a great plant for tougher climates. It’s very drought-resistant, so it won’t die if that’s a concern. It can also get up to 15 feet tall, and I’d say that’s quite a bang for your buck!

Morning Glory. Honestly, this is one of my favorite plants. It grows so well and easy that my grandpa considers it a weed! You almost have to do zero work to have these beautiful blossoms appear in your yard.

Daylily. This is one of the better plants for lining your garden. They add simple but bright colors and create a great border. They also come in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll never run out of choices.

Clethra. There are so many great things about this plant that make it worth the price. First and foremost, the smell is amazing! You’ll love it in your yard. It also attracts bees and butterflies, which means more pollination in your garden. I also love the look of the plant.

Top 15 Best Flowers for Fall Colors

Colchium. Make sure to get the fall variety of this plant because there is also a similar spring flower. This plant brings a beautiful purple shade to the yard as it springs up from its bulb.

Aster. This is one of the more popular fall flowers because of all the colors they come in.  I suggest planting asters that complement each other because, when they bloom, your yard will look fantastic.

Toad Lily. One of the reasons this is a great fall flower is because it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive. These flowers have some wonderful spots across the bulbs that add texture and personality to the garden.

Perennial Sunflower. As the leaves begin to turn yellow and gold, this plant will be right along with them. They provide a popping yellow feature to the garden and can add a little bit of happiness anywhere you place them.

Balloon flower. Also known as the Chinese bellflower, these plants are astounding. I guess they will actually puff up and then open to reveal the amazing star-shape.

Celosia. If you want a fall yard with the traditional color palette, then look no further than celosia. With bursts of red, yellow, and orange, it’s perfect.

Heather. Here’s a plant to add to your garden for maximum color. The flowers bloom in shades of white, pink, or purple, and the foliage can be anything from deep bronze to red or green. This is a fast grower, too, so it can cover lots of ground for you.

Tickseed. If you want this flower to bloom in the fall, you need to do some consistent pruning and trimming during the summer. If you do, the amazing yellow, pink or red of this plant will brighten your garden in the autumn weather. It’s also a pretty hardy plant, too!

Beautyberry. Take one look at this picture and you’ll know why you need it for your fall yard. It grows flowers in the summer and the deep purple berries in fall, so it adds color year-round!

Goldenrod. What better way to signal fall then with this classic plant. While this is a great plant for fall colors, it can grow incredibly fast. So if you add it to your yard or garden, make sure you can control it.

Red Spider Lily. Don’t let its name fool you, this is one of the most gorgeous plants for your yard. It’s so named because of the spindly parts that branch out from the flower. But the red is an amazing addition to any garden.

Helenium. These bright and fun colors are the perfect transition from summer to fall. This is also a pretty easy plant to take care of, which I always appreciate.

Japanese Anemone. This is a simple yet elegant plant for your fall garden. Most people place them in garden borders for a subtle yet defined look. Once full-grown, they require very little work on your part.

Chrysanthemum. Here is one of the most iconic flowers of fall. It boasts some traditional fall colors in a bright and bushy collection. Keep them well-watered and mulched for the best chance at the longest survival.

Sedum. Not only does sedum bloom in the fall, but it’s also super low-maintenance and incredibly hardy. Its only weak spot is deer, so plan accordingly.

14 Deliciously Fragrant Flowers

If you want a plant with a pop of color and also a great fragrance, then look no further than lavender. Although it may take some time to get used to its maintenance routine, lavender is one of the best smells for your yard and garden.

22 Low Maintenance Perennials

I love the shape and color of this perennial. It grows best in a shade garden, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place it belongs. Just watch the soil for this plant, and you should be good. Old fashioned bleeding heart is a great choice for your garden.