12 Brilliant Grassland Landscape Ideas

This idea lets you still grow things for a garden, but it doesn’t require nearly as much grass and lawn. The gravel acts as the backyard, and the raised garden beds give you the growing space you want. This will save you an arm and a leg in water bills.

If your backyard isn’t too big, consider turning it into a full patio. Using brick and other similar materials, you can get a gorgeous look like this one. Add some subtle greenery around the edges, and you won’t even miss the grass.

For those of you with pools, make that the centerpiece of your yard. Get rid of the grass and build a super fancy lounging area. Get those nice sun beds, a gazebo maybe, and a place to hang towels and place snacks.

I like how this lawn has a secluded little area for chairs. It provides a space for relaxing and just enjoying the end of a busy day with your loved ones. You could even add a fire pit there, but it’s up to you.

This modern patio is a great way to get a mix of gravel and stone. The square pieces give the yard a contemporary feel, but the gravel makes it not feel as constricted. You can add some drought-resistant plants around the edges, too, if you still want some green.

This terrace is probably one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I love how the wood meets the cement in a seamless and sophisticated way. The fire pit, couches, and table make the space even more comfortable and cozy.

A windy rock path combined with some other features can create a fun and unique look to your yard. The path blends into the beds surrounding it. You can also get a mixture of materials here, including stone and bark.

If you want something fancy, go for a courtyard look. You don’t need any grass if you do it right. Normally, a water feature will be the focal point of this type of yard, so keep that in mind.

Build a pergola in your backyard and add some subtle groundcover to give the illusion of grass and greenery. It obviously isn’t grass, by the groundcover requires significantly less water and maintenance than normal grass. Plus, the pergola gives you a place to hang out.

Just because you don’t have grass doesn’t mean you can’t have green. If you plan it correctly, you can have even more green than you ever imagined. Combine shrubs, bushes, flowers, and other plants that don’t need much water and maintenance. You’ll be surprised at how colorful everything can still be.

A dry water feature is always a nice way to incorporate some décor into your grassless backyard. It also gives an explanation as to why you don’t have grass. The water feature can be any size you want, but normally a dry creek bed or something similar looks best.

This boardwalk idea looks so cute; I love it! I adore the color of the wood, and the features around the boardwalk match it all so well. This is a nice setup because it makes your yard look big while limiting where people can go. Which means less upkeep for you!