12 Ways to Make the Backyard of Your Dreams

No dreamscape backyard can be completed until you have a hammock or some sort of outdoor bed to hang in. I prefer a big, sturdy hammock with lots of comfy pillows and a few blankets to cuddle underneath. A hammock actually isn’t too hard to build, either, if you know what you’re doing.

If you add lighting to your backyard, then you’ll drastically extend the hours in which you can entertain guests. You’ll find limitless options for backyard lighting ideas online, so narrow it down to a few you might like. I enjoy Edison bulbs and string lights around my trees, but to each their own.

A fire pit will provide light, heat, and a place for you and your friends to gather. You can make it extra special with a s’mores cooking station that everyone can take advantage of. Even if you don’t do s’mores over the fire, a fire pit is still a great addition.

There are all kinds of backyard art that you can hang up and put around your yard. You could do a statue, some paintings on the fences, or even decorative stepping stones. Turn your backyard into an extension of your house by decorating it just as well as the inside of your home.

If your yard and garden are big enough, make a cozy little path that can wind through the area. I think brick is such a cute material for a path, but you can choose the best material for your home. You can even add little lights on the borders to make it even cozier.

Water features are a necessity in order to get the best backyard possible. The sweet and subtle trickle of water can calm me down in even my biggest of breakdowns, haha. But really, a small little waterfall or stream will do wonders for your yard.

If you really want to impress your guests, get some sort of outdoor bar. It could be built into your patio table, on a rolling cart, or just part of the outdoor kitchenette. Whatever you choose, the outdoor bar will make every night a fantastic getaway.

I saw this idea online a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! Oh my gosh; it’s great! I love the beach, so turning part of my backyard into a beach is a great idea. Your kids and guests are sure to love this idea, no doubt.

Turn your backyard into a quiet little haven, no matter the size, with a privacy area. There are multiple ways to create this effect, but I like a combination of privacy hedges, posts, and curtains. You’ll be surprised at how intimate this can make your own backyard feel.

Deck out your backyard by getting some really nice patio furniture to create a zen-like retreat. Ditch the uncomfortable and cheap seating, and go for cushy seats, cozy couches, and stylish accents.

Put together a little backyard cinema for everyone to enjoy. You can hang a sheet from the tree, get a projector, and throw some super large and comfortable pillows and blankets on the ground. If you wanted, you could even get a popcorn maker for an extra special evening.

You can’t forget the nature part of your yard when creating a backyard getaway. Make sure your flowerbeds are in great condition with some popping colors and textures. Find local deals that are great for the season to plant so that your yard is always full of color.