8 Ingenious Backyard Movie Theater Ideas

Did you know that you can get a blowup movie screen? This is ideal for large open spaces where you don’t have a wall to project the movie onto. You just blow it up, stick it where you want, and start the show!

Chill in the pool while you watch your favorite flick! Whether you’re paying attention to the movie or just having it on in the background, a poolside movie theater is a great addition to the yard. Watch something like Jaws for a fun night.

One of the easiest ways to do an outdoor movie theater is projecting the movie onto the side of your house. Obviously, you’ll want a white house without any texture. If you do, that’s great. The movie will look amazing and it cost you nothing!

If you’re not lucky enough to have the perfect house for watching a move, no problem. You can still hang up or build in a screen for watching movies. Get one of those school pull down screens, and that’s all. Easy to store and easy to use.

Make stands for your movie screen by using large pots. Fill them with rocks or cement (depending on the size of the posts), and stick the poles in. You should be able to hang a sheet tightly between the two poles and get a mobile movie screen!

If you want to go big, try this design. It comes with the movie screen, cozy viewing spots, drink holders, and romantic lighting. Doesn’t just looking at this picture make you excited for a movie night outside?

For two story homes, you can still have a nice movie theater from the yard. In fact, it may be easier. Hang a sheet from the top floor and let it drape down. If it’s not windy, you’ll have the perfect movie screen with nearly no work!

Hang a wire or rope between two trees or fence posts. Hang a white sheet over the cord, and you have your screen! Clip it on with clothespins or something similar, if needed. This is removable, too, so it’s not always in the way or taking up your whole yard.