15 DIY Garden Pallet Projects

One of my favorite and easiest ways to reuse garden pallets is by turning it into a pathway. You just pry off each of the planks and them use them as a part of the pathway. You can paint the planks, but it’s not required.

Add some more gardening space to your yard by turning garden pallets into a vertical garden. There are a few different ways to do this, but they all give you a bunch more space for gardening.

Make these adorable window boxes out of old garden pallets. You can hang them up anywhere around your home. Paint the boxes to better match your house and the colors of the flowers in them.

Garden pallets, if they’re in good condition, can be used to make the platform of a bed or couch outdoors. You just want to make sure that the material is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the furniture and anyone sitting on it.

Become one with nature by building a compost bin. This will help you more effectively use your food remains, and it can also drastically increase the health of your garden plants.

A raised garden bed is also another ideal use for old garden pallets. Raised garden beds are much easier on your back, and they improve drainage. Make as many as you want/need.

Build a place to store your garden tools. It can be a small little cubby system or a full-out wall mount. There are numberless options, and a garden pallet can be used to make every single one of them!

Don’t just let your dog sleep on a cushion on the ground. Upcycle an old garden pallet and make an actual bed frame for Fido! This will also teach your dog to stay and sleep in the same spot.

Potting benches will be your best friend. Seriously, they help with gardening SO much. And you can build one out of an old garden pallet pretty easily. Your life will be changed forever when you build one.

There are quite a few tutorials you can follow online to make a yard chair out of garden pallets. Add some pillows and cushions, and they’ll be super comfortable and much cheaper than any store bought chair.

You can also make a garden pallet table to go with those chairs you just made. It can be whatever size you need, and you can even customize it to have a spot for drinks or maybe even some flowers. It’s up to you!

I love the swing chair that we have in our yard. It’s cute, it’s comfy, and it’s so fun to sit on. And we made it out of old garden pallets! You want to ensure you have high-quality wood (so it stays intact), but the assembly isn’t too difficult.

When I have a pool, I’m going to build an outdoor shower. I don’t want kids tracking in pool water throughout the house. This shower platform was built using garden pallets, and I love it!

A fence, whatever size, can be built from garden pallets. You can build one for your yard, your garden, or just as decoration. Some people use them to hide recycling bins and other items around the outside of their home.

These stools are so cool, and they’re made from garden pallets. You couldn’t ask for something better. I love the touch of color the cushions add. Here’s a project you definitely want to try and do.