12 Amazing Pathways for Your Yard and Garden

Don’t spend any money and make this pathway out of an old garden pallet. You can use the slabs of wood for the steps to create a boardwalk in your yard. Paint and coat the wood if you want them to last longer or look a different color.

This log slices pathway is incredibly gorgeous. I love the texture it creates while also adding color and depth to the yard. For a rustic look, this is definitely the path to choose.

Flagstone is a common pathway for your yard. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Flagstone looks great in nearly any backyard, and the options are limitless.

Brick is one of my favorite types of pathways. You can choose any design you like, and it will always look classy. These brick paths remind me of simpler times. The color contrasts with the grass and greenery for a dazzling effect.

Lay in some diamond-shaped stones to add a unique touch to your yard. They work well for getting around without being your bland and boring pathway. The diamond-shape really gives the yard some personality.

This moss-and-stone pathway is just so fun. It reminds me of those old cottages you see in Ireland and Scotland. It provides a sense of privacy and intimacy that the other pathways just can’t offer.

Make your own mosaic pathway for a really fun DIY project. You can even get your kids involved, if you wanted. The mosaic can be as simple or complex as you’d like; it’s your choice!

Don’t underestimate the simple elegance of a gravel pathway with raised edge. The border is necessary because it prevents the gravel from spreading out, but it also gives the path a really crisp and clean look. Choose colors that complement each other well.

Stepping stones are a classic approach to your garden pathway. There are lots of options and ideas, even DIY ones, so your possibilities are endless. Combine them with soft grass to get a pathway everyone will love using.

I think this inverse path is such a genius idea! It just is so cute and quaint. You have the grass be the pathway and then the stones and other features be the sight to see. Isn’t that fun?

Go for a more modern feel with this pebbles and rectangular stepping stones idea. This is especially good in hot climate areas where grass is too hard to grow and maintain. You can do it anywhere you want, though.

If you have a hill in your yard or a slope that needs a pathway, try this. It’s a simple and rustic idea that gets the job done. These wooden stairs combine with the stone/rock steps to create a beautiful scene in your yard.