10 Fun and Easy DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

One of my favorite things about my backyard is the hammock chair. It’s where I go to think, relax, and just get away from life for a bit. It’s easy to make, and it’s also a cute decoration for your yard or patio.

This foldout bar is pretty much the most genius thing I’ve ever seen. Now you don’t need to keep on going inside to get drinks and freshen up beverages. And, since it folds up, it won’t ever get in the way!

If a foldout bar isn’t your style, then get a beverage cart. You can access all the drink essentials, and it rolls! No more need to even get up from your comfy seat anymore! That’s what I call fantastic.

There are pretty much a billion different types of benches you can make for your patio or garden. I like this cinderblock one because it’s easy, fast, and looks great. It especially is cool if you paint it. You can build a bench solely from cinderblocks, or you can also use wooden posts. Just make sure to add pillows and cushions for maximum comfort.

Combine comfort, accessibility, and sociality with a table that has a built-in drink cooler. You can use it to store drinks that people may want, or you can use it to cool drinks you already have. Either way, this is a great idea.

Grab an old rug and spruce it up to make an amazing new patio rug. Use tape and some paints to make a new design or pattern on the rug. Have fun and be creative on this project. It’ll look great on your patio.

These Adirondack chairs are perfect for summer lounging. And they’re a pretty easy DIY project, so that’s even better. Get some cushions and a nice drink, and you’re all set.

A side table may seem like a small thing, but it can really change your whole patio. The table adds a nice decoration, and it also gives you a place to put a drink or book instead of on the ground. These X brace table is gorgeous, too.

A mobile storage ottoman is just one of the many storage devices you can make for your patio. It can be moved out of the way, it can store pillows and blankets so your patio doesn’t seem crowded, and it also adds sitting space. There’s really no downside to this.

If you have the space, I suggest a day bed. These things are so comfortable! I could seriously spend all day just lounging around in mine! Choose fun and colorful bedding and pillows for a nice touch.

9 Privacy Walls to Make Your Backyard and Relaxing Retreat

There are about a million different types of curtains you can use for your privacy wall. Any option is great, as long as you like it. You can go for light and airy ones or thick, sturdy ones to really keep it private.

Hedges are a great privacy wall idea because they also add color and foliage. If you feel your yard is lacking a bit of green, but it’s too small to add plants and a privacy wall, then this is your solution. There are innumerable types you can use, so pick wisely.

A trellis is such a classy and sophisticated privacy wall. It still allows light and a breeze in, but keeps your pesky neighbors from spying. You can get free-standing trellises or ones that come with built-in planters.

Another great idea for people who are tight are yard space is a hanging garden that doubles as a privacy wall. What I like about this is that you can grow flowers and herbs so the wall is also practical.

Old shutters can be touched up and refurbished to make quite an adorable privacy wall. Paint them all one color or go for a fun and eclectic collection. They can even be varying heights, too.

Roman shades are great for an outdoor privacy wall because they just seem like the belong outside. They’re also retractable, too, so you can pull them up if you want. The material and versatility of this wall makes it highly desirable.

I think this chevron privacy wall is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen. I love the tiny little spaces between the boards that allow for some sunlight to come in. I think the plain wood looks great, but you could also paint it.

Frosted glass is a solid privacy wall idea, but it will require some money to get installed (especially if you need the mounts built, too). However, if you’re looking for a wall that gives you privacy but doesn’t block out the light or colors from the other side, then this is definitely the best option.

I really like planters as a privacy wall because you can move them around, if need be, and they make your patio and yard feel a bit more natural. I also think they don’t make things feel as cramped since the plants aren’t man-made. But that’s just me. Choose a plant that grows tall and relatively thick for best results.

12 Gorgeous Patio Design Ideas

Blend your patio with nature by making this incredibly beautiful backyard spot. I love how the boulders and the vines so easily incorporate into the sitting areas. This looks like a patio that you would find in the middle of the Amazon or something. So cool!

No need to get all fancy with your patio. You could just build a nice little pergola in the corner of your yard. It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to get a patio without breaking the bank or overrunning your yard.

I think the best kind of patios are the ones where you can cuddle up and get cozy with your friends and loved ones. A fireplace isn’t necessary, but it definitely makes the patio much more enjoyable to be around. You could even roast s’mores if you wanted!

You don’t need some big, eccentric theme to make your patio beautiful and eye-catching. Instead, just choose a color palette that works together well and has a nice pop. Play around with the textures and materials to get the most unique patio design you can think of.

If you want to build a really amazing patio, include an outdoor kitchen. You’ll love the freedom of not having to go inside every time you need something. Plus, you’ll find yourself outside in the great weather a lot more! You could build a full kitchen or just a small kitchenette.

Cute backyard lighting is one of my weaknesses, and this patio idea is definitely one of the best. The curve of the pergola and the accent with the lights pretty much blows me away. Choose some cute and comfy furniture to make this an amazing backyard paradise.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then you for sure better build your patio around that feature! You want nice loungers, cute umbrella stands, and even some towel racks for ease and accessibility.

I like the idea of having a patio a little out from your home. It makes things seems quieter and just more remote, like you’re actually getting away from all your stresses. You could even build  little footpath to lead out there.

If you’re like me and hate the noise of gameday, consider letting your husband have a gameday getaway in the porch. With a built-in TV, the noise and game go outside and you get to enjoy the silence in your home. It can’t get much better than that.

Just because it’s an outdoor feature doesn’t mean the porch shouldn’t get some seasonal touch-ups. In fact, a few intentionally placed pillows could be all you need to bring your patio into the next seasonal event.

This countryside style patio is probably one of my favorite. It’s relaxing, cute, quaint, and has all the features that I want when it comes to a cozy patio. If you have an amazing view, that’s even better. But if not, you’ll still enjoy the atmosphere.

Try a patio that gives off some classic European vibes. The pillars work well with the stone flooring to create a relaxing yet elegant patio. You could even throw in some dangling vines to make it look better.

10 Genius DIY Projects for Your Patio

I love my patio, but I don’t love how easily my neighbors can see and hear me and my guests back there. A privacy fence help solves that. You can do a hedge, a curtain, or even frosted glass. You could also add a water feature to get some white noise.

Build this party-ready table that will fulfill all of your summer party dreams. The strip down the middle is for ice so you can keep drinks cool and fresh. You could also put succulents or other plants in it, but I think the drink cooler is a lot more practical.

Lights make the patio, I’m not kidding you. If you have bad lighting, the party won’t last much longer after nightfall. But if you have trendy and cute lighting, you guys will be out there all night! Choose from a plethora of choices for your patio.

One of those options is to make some DIY tiki torches. You can hang them on the wall or put them in the ground. Some can even be made with citronella oil to repel mosquitos and other bugs.

A swinging chair makes the patio perfect. It’s such a fun place to relax and hang out during the day. My kids love our swinging chair, so you might want to build two!

If you like to entertain your guests on your patio, then you want to get a bar cart for the backyard. It allows you to get, refill, and freshen up drinks without ever having to step back inside. Trust me, everyone will love it.

A storage ottoman is a great addition to any patio because it opens up space. You no longer have to have all of your blankets and pillows crowding up all the spots. Just put them in the ottoman and pull them out when you need them.

The second I saw this project, I knew I needed it.  A giant day bed is pretty much the best thing ever. It looks so cozy! I can see myself relaxing on this thing when the kids are at school and just reading my favorite books (because us moms have SO MUCH free time).

To give your patio a more seasonal feel, why not make some seasonal pillow covers. They can be as simple or complex as you need them. A pumpkin silhouette or an expansive Halloween sky. It’s up to you!

Build your very own planters for all the flowers and veggies you want to grow. Try different materials, use different colors, and just have fun with it! You can always replace the planters when you get bored.

10 Ways to Incorporate Built-in Planters

A bench is probably one of the most common ways to have a built-in planter. You simply use the planters as legs to support the bench. There are quite a few ways to do this. All look good, so choose your favorite.

A fun twist on the bench is to have the planter be the backrest. Your guests will enjoy the fragrance and color of the flowers. This setup could be against a wall or in the middle of the patio.

If you have stairs in your yard and want to spice them up a bit, then consider adding a built-in planter off to the side. You can add them on the steps, but that can get a little tight. The planter can be as big or as small as needed. Just don’t overwhelm or underwhelm the stairs.

I love the idea of combining a privacy fence with a built-in planter. It adds a double layer of privacy to your yard. It also adds color or, if you grow veggies, more space to grow your food!

If you’re rebuilding your patio, incorporate built-in planters into the design. It’s pretty easy if you’re starting from scratch. You can have the planters built into the walls, the seating, or anywhere else.

A table with a planter is a great idea! You never have to set a tablescape again because the plants will do it. You could even grow herbs in the planter. You and your guests can pick fresh herbs right there for your meal.

This is more decorative than practical, but it still works. You can repurpose an old chair by turning it into a planter. People won’t be able to sit in it, though. Choose paint and flower colors that go well together.

Use your vertical space wisely and create a built-in planter for decoration and design. You could do any shape (or size) you want. I like this idea because it is open to be whatever you want it to be. Let your creativity run wild!

It’s a bit tricky to build your own water feature, but if you have one, then add a built-in planter. There are a few ways you can do this. Put the planter around the edge, put it in the center, or place it somewhere else. The built-in planter will guarantee that you always grow something near the water feature, making it look more natural.

I love day beds, and I love this day bed with a built-in planter. It looks to be about the comfiest thing ever. All it needs is some colorful pillows and blankets to make it perfect!