10 Ways to Incorporate Built-in Planters

A bench is probably one of the most common ways to have a built-in planter. You simply use the planters as legs to support the bench. There are quite a few ways to do this. All look good, so choose your favorite.

A fun twist on the bench is to have the planter be the backrest. Your guests will enjoy the fragrance and color of the flowers. This setup could be against a wall or in the middle of the patio.

If you have stairs in your yard and want to spice them up a bit, then consider adding a built-in planter off to the side. You can add them on the steps, but that can get a little tight. The planter can be as big or as small as needed. Just don’t overwhelm or underwhelm the stairs.

I love the idea of combining a privacy fence with a built-in planter. It adds a double layer of privacy to your yard. It also adds color or, if you grow veggies, more space to grow your food!

If you’re rebuilding your patio, incorporate built-in planters into the design. It’s pretty easy if you’re starting from scratch. You can have the planters built into the walls, the seating, or anywhere else.

A table with a planter is a great idea! You never have to set a tablescape again because the plants will do it. You could even grow herbs in the planter. You and your guests can pick fresh herbs right there for your meal.

This is more decorative than practical, but it still works. You can repurpose an old chair by turning it into a planter. People won’t be able to sit in it, though. Choose paint and flower colors that go well together.

Use your vertical space wisely and create a built-in planter for decoration and design. You could do any shape (or size) you want. I like this idea because it is open to be whatever you want it to be. Let your creativity run wild!

It’s a bit tricky to build your own water feature, but if you have one, then add a built-in planter. There are a few ways you can do this. Put the planter around the edge, put it in the center, or place it somewhere else. The built-in planter will guarantee that you always grow something near the water feature, making it look more natural.

I love day beds, and I love this day bed with a built-in planter. It looks to be about the comfiest thing ever. All it needs is some colorful pillows and blankets to make it perfect!