12 Items the Thrifty Crafter Can Always Upcycle

Old furniture makes for great garden décor. It really does. An old dresser can be used to grow plants. A chair can be a planter, and a bed frame can be turned into a garden bench. Paint and style the furniture to match the garden.

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes…or organizing. You can turn them into a vertical garden! That’s right, depending on the type, your shoe organizer can be used to grow plants in your yard without taking up any floor space. Add the soil and seeds, and follow instructions accordingly.

I used to have a BUNCH of old garden pallets sitting around my garage (don’t ask), and I never knew what to do with them. I was just going to throw them away, but then I discovered about a THOUSAND great ideas. You can make a pathway, a bench, some chairs, or really anything else you can think of.

Old shoes and boots don’t need to be thrown away to rot in some dump. Instead, turn them into creative planters. I like how fun and unique this idea is. Also, the bright-colored kid’s rain boots are just the cutest!

Leftover terra cotta pots can be saved away for some future day, or you can use them to make a rain chain. I like the last idea better! Attach them with string, wire, or metal. What a cute and decorative way to personalize your home.

Little did I know that wine bottles have dozens of uses around the yard and garden. You can edge your flower beds with them, make tiki torches, or make automatic plant waterers. Find some projects online, if those don’t appeal to you, and go for it!

Turn a Mason jar into a bird feeder. It’s quick, easy, and brings the birds to your yard. And we all know how fun it is to have cute little birds around. You can paint the bird feeder, if you want. Or just leave it plain.

An old chandelier is another great item to turn into a bird feeder. Each of the light spots can be used to hold food so you can feed multiple birds at once. I like using a chandelier that has a bright pop of color to really brighten up my backyard.

Old toy cars, unused tea cups, or anything of that size can be used as a planter. Just stick the soil in the container, put a seed in there, water, and watch it grow. This usually works best for small herbs or flowers that blossom big.

I seriously had no idea that tires could be used for DIY projects in the yard and garden. Seriously no idea. You can turn them into planters of all varieties. I think it’s cuter to paint the tire so it’s no so serious looking.

I hate throwing out my old bikes because I think they’re so cute. If you’re the same way, then try this. Use them to decorate your lawn or garden. The bikes can easily be turned into planters or décor for your secret garden. So cute!

Broken silverware and dishes can be upcycled to serve as plant makers in the garden. Instead of buying them or making your own flimsy ones, just write the label on the silverware or dish and stick it in the ground. So easy and so effective!