12 Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchens


A standalone kitchen is an easy installation because you don’t have to disrupt any other part of your backyard or patio. You just build the kitchen station, and that’s it. No removing walls, flooring, or anything like that.

A gazebo style kitchen is great if you plan to cook outdoors a lot. The gazebo means you can cook and hang outside even in bad weather. It also creates a little relaxing space where you can hang out with your friends and family.

This modern chic outdoor kitchen incorporates everything you love about contemporary design. The dark counters combined with the stainless steel drawers is stunning. I also enjoy how the plants really make the colors in the kitchen pop.

Build a kitchen on the borders of your current patio. It’s nice because, if done right, it’s not too difficult to hook up the plumbing, electricity, or gas line. This idea is best if your patio is large. If not, it can make your outdoor space feel pretty cramped.

Go for a nice rustic feel by building a kitchen like this. The old-school fridge also gives it a vintage feel that I can’t get over! Light and fun colors are best for this type of kitchen, I believe.

You could swing really hard the rustic way and go for a really natural-feeling outdoor kitchen. The shape, material, and color of this kitchen make it seem like something you would stumble across in the middle of a forest. The cute fireplace is a perfect addition.

You can’t talk about outdoor kitchens without mentioning the whole sports bar setup. Add a TV to the wall so that everyone can enjoy the game (or maybe your favorite TV drama, whatever works). You’ll find this makes the space a lot more fun.

You don’t need to break the bank to have a nice outdoor kitchen. Go for a cute and simple design that gives you everything you want. I especially like the wood storage that this kitchen provides.

Save on some space by making this compact kitchen right in the corner of your yard or patio. It gets you a sink, grill, and fridge in cute a small section of the space. I also love how the colors in this kitchen go together so well.

If you want something even more compact, try this design. It’s a pretty tight squeeze, but it has all the features that you’d want in your outdoor kitchen. It’ll make you a lot more efficient!

For those who want an outdoor kitchen but don’t have the time, money, or space, try this idea. Build a “service window” that opens up the space between your indoor kitchen and the patio. You can have access to the kitchen by just opening the window. Pretty clever!

The reason I like this outdoor kitchen so much is because of all the counter space. I can’t believe how much space there is! I like to have a nice spread, and so this is a perfect fit for me.