9 Plants Perfect For High Traffic Areas

Creeping Thyme. This groundcover only grows to about 3-6 inches high, perfect for high traffic areas. The plant is also very fragrant, and it blossoms many small and beautiful flowers. Creeping thyme can grow in dry soil and it can also be tucked away in tight spaces, too.

Moss. There are a lot of varieties of moss you can include in your yard, but most of them are great for high-traffic areas. Some moss even releases a nice fragrance when you step on it, so look out for those types! You’ll love them.

Golden Creeping Jenny. Add a tinge of gold to your garden and yard with this plant. It can grow in most places, including tight rocky spots. Plant it between stones, between steps, or somewhere similar. It can handle the traffic.

Bronze Dutch Clover. This plant is perfectly paired with brick or other similar stone and material. The colors of the plant complement the brick, making for a super creative and cozy looking yard.

Dwarf Mondo Grass. This plant grows well in both sun and shade. It’s very drought-resistant, which makes it great for hot climates. On average, it only grows to about 2-r inches in height. The dark green color is a must for any yard needing groundcover.

Sweet Fern. This isn’t the most colorful out of all the groundcovers, but it definitely gest the job done. It can thrive in hot and dry climates, and even in soil that is lacking in nutrients. Because of that, it’s a great plant to have in tough-to-grow areas.

Purple Mazus. This plant is both hardy and strong. It adds a wonderful touch of color to your yard, and it can withstand being stepped on. Combine it with some complementary flowers, and you’ve got yourself a sweet garden setup!

Ajuga. This is a pretty popular groundcover. It can range in color from purple to green to hints of pink. It’ll grow to about 6 inches tall.

Blue Star Creeper. Here’s a plant that’s perfect for growing in between rocks or stepping stones. The flowers add even more color and texture to the yard.