10 Plants That Even Children can Grow

Lavender. This is one of my favorite plants. Not only does it smell great and can be used in so many ways, but the color is also beautiful. Lavender is really hardy, so even your young kids can grow them without much fear of it dying.

Aloe. This plant can be grown outside, but it also flourishes well inside in a container. That makes it ideal for kids. They can keep the aloe succulent in their room and take care of it.  The leaves are a bit spikey, so make sure your kids know that and handle accordingly.

Christmas Cactus. This is an incredibly gorgeous plant that doesn’t require much upkeep. It blossoms in a few different colors including red, white, and lilac. It blooms near the end of December, adding a lot of color to an otherwise gray season.

Peace Lily. This plant can grow pretty big, but you don’t need to do much to care for it. It survives in low humidity and low light. Beautiful flowers typically bloom in the summer, which makes this plant definitely worth any work you may have to put into it.

Sourwood. For a tree to grow, try a sourwood. There are a few different varieties, so choose the one that fits your budget and schedule best. It’ll be a fun project for you and your kids to take care of a tree. They’ll love seeing it grow!

Apple Tree. If your kids are just dying to grow a fruit tree, then apple may be one of the best. It’s a fruit tree so, it will require some work, but nothing that a firm schedule shouldn’t fix.

Ficus. Here’s a plant that’s great for indoor growing. It can get big, so it’s a wonderful décor for any room in need of a floor plant. Wherever you put it, just keep it there, because the ficus doesn’t like being moved and changing environments.

Day Lily. These are a colorful and simple plant to grow. They look great in the flowerbeds, in direct sight, or tucked away in a garden somewhere.

Black-eyed Susan. Your kids will love the contrasting colors of the perennial. It is a self-seeding flower, so you don’t have to do much on that front. Grow in the garden or window boxes for best results.

Hoya. This is a unique and fast-growing hanging plant. It’s great for home décor that you plan on putting on the walls or hanging from the ceiling instead of just growing on a countertop. Your kids will love the extra dimension this plant gives to the space.