13 Creative Ways to Grow an Herb Garden

For ease and mobility, grow herbs in separate planters. You can put them on an outside table, your windowsill, or anywhere else you like. This setup allows you to easily rearrange things and best care for each herb without disturbing the rest.

A window box is one of the most popular and easiest ways to grow herbs. It usually gets all the rain and sunlight it needs, and you have easy access from the kitchen. Just reach through the window and pluck the herbs you need!

This Mason jar wall mount idea is fantastic. You can put it inside or outside (depending on the herbs you want to grow), and it looks great either way. Label the jars so you know what’s what.

This spiral shaped herb garden adds an extra layer of fun to your yard or garden. It acts as a decoration while also getting you the herbs you want. The spiral shape also makes it easier to plant and pluck since you don’t have to step around the other plants.

A wall of plastic bottles may sound crazy, but it works mighty well. Cut a chunk of the bottle out and add the soil and seeds. Water as needed, and the herbs should grow right in. You can easily pluck the herbs you need whenever you decide to cook.

Tin cans are another wall-mounted herb garden idea that works well. The separate cans keep the herbs neat and organized and allow you to better keep track of them. This looks best outside, but you can put it wherever works best for you.

An herb ladder is such an effective herb garden idea because it uses up vertical space that would otherwise go unused. Grow a different herb or two on each level. Watch all levels to make sure they’re getting enough water and attention.

This may take a bit of carpentry skill, but it’s nothing you can’t do! A chicken wire wall-mount maximizes your vertical space while minimizing ground space. The pots can each hang off the chicken wire, just make sure it’s strong enough. If done right, you can get over a dozen herbs growing on this contraption.

A shoe organizer works really well as an herb garden, actually. Who would have thought? You just want to get a solid one so that the soil and water are retained. You’ll want to play around with this idea, because you’ll probably have to tweak it for your own customization.

Stack some cinderblocks together to get a quick and easy herb garden. The herbs and soil fit right into the space between the cinderblocks. You can paint and decorate the blocks, too, if you want to make it more fun.

This bench box is such a work of art! It’s space-aware, looks great, and grows plenty of herbs. Plus, it can be placed right by the kitchen, so that’s nice.

These wooden vertical boards are as much practical as they are decorative. I love how the herb garden becomes a work of art for your home or yard. It doesn’t hurt that you also get free herbs for meals!

Build some sort of tiered construction, like this one made from metal bins. You can do this with terra cotta pots or any other stackable material. The end result is great, and it grows the herbs quite well.