10 Best Plants for Rock Wall Landscapes

Ivy. You can’t have an article about rock-climbing plants without mentioning ivy. It’s a classic charmer, and it looks amazing on nearly any rock wall. The lush green contrasts so well with the earthy tones of the rock.

Moss Phlox. Choose between pink, white, and purple flowers. This plant is beautiful in color as well as its shape. Moss Phlox will cascade over the rock wall, adding a soft touch to the stone wall.

Moss. You could also just consider simple moss. It’s an easy but classic design idea that everyone loves. If you want your yard to look like a quaint English cottage, this is definitely your best choice.

Rock Cress. This is a great option because it thrives so well in the soil between rocks. It doesn’t need a lot to survive, and it’s also such a great color. It’s also quite heat- and drought-resistant, which makes it even better.

Candytuft. I think I would plant this just to be able to say its name all the time. Candytuft is a perennial that requires little maintenance but that looks astounding. If you want the blooms to last even longer, prune this plant regularly.

Sedum. Here’s an unusual twist to rock wall plants. It may not be your typically flowering plant, but its still gorgeous and can survive in the rock wall. Sedum adds a tough but subtle element to your landscape.

Succulent. In fact, you could actually branch out quite a bit and try succulents in your rock wall. It may not be the cascading idea you were going for, but it will add color and plants without all the hassle of most others.

Japanese Forest Grass. There’s really not a whole lot to say about this plant. It gives you the grass you’re looking for while actually surviving between the rocks. Almost no other grass will grow like this.

Creeping Thyme. Plant this and watch it spread. As per its name, creeping thyme will spread out among the cracks in your rock wall without you having to guide it much at all. Not only that, but the colors of the flowers are brilliant!

Alyssum. This plant will add a magnificent splash of gold to any rock wall you plant it in. Keep it in full sun and well-drained soil so that it can thrive as best as possible.