8 Ways to Make a Living Fence or Wall

This is one of the classiest ways to get a living fence for your yard. These Evergreen hedges provide a stunning color to the yard and add a beautiful boundary. They can also be sculpted into numerous shapes and designs, so you could always have fun with them that way.

For hotter climates or just a more unique look, add some succulents to your fence. This is good if you already have a fence you like and just want to add some color to it. Succulents are easy to take care of, so they shouldn’t add a lot more work for you.

One of the best things about bamboo is their texture and ability to grow so close together. If planted correctly, you can create a nice little living fence. Make sure to trim and keep them at the right size that you want.

I like to add roses to classic white picket fences or other similar types of fences. They can be added anywhere, really, but that’s where I think they look best. Choose roses that match your yard and home for the best look.

Most people will add bushes to their yard when they’re looking for a living fence or wall. It’s a pretty easy and common solution. You can choose green bushes, red bushes, or even some gorgeous golden ones. The choice is yours!

What I like about jasmine is how they can be shaped into some pretty cool designs for your living fence. You don’t have to do that, but I think it adds a fun personality and unique touch to the yard. The color they add is great, too.

Ivy or other climbing plants are a go-to for many living fences. It can be tricky to get the ivy to grow how you want, so consider using plastic hooks to guide the growth. Ivy on brick is a great look, by the way. In case you were wanting suggestions.

Add some planter boxes with trees or shrubs in them to get privacy on your patio. This is a makeshift privacy fence that can also be moved, if need be, to enhance your privacy. Just make sure you take good care of them because being in a planter can sometimes put stress on bigger plants.