15 Incredible Ways to Update Your Yard This Summer

Both kids and adults love playing or just sitting on a swing in the yard. You can make a swing out of pretty much anything you have. You could use a tire, an old kitchen chair, or even just a sturdy plastic ring. Hang the swing from a tree and people will use it.

You can’t have a great summer experience in your backyard without some fantastic lighting. Whether its string lights from the ceiling, wrapped lights around your trees, or tiki torches, backyard lighting is a must. Try a few different styles out (and mix and match if you want), until you find the perfect fit.

Build some sort of lawn game for you and your guests to enjoy this summer. You could do a full-on bowling alley in your yard or you could go for something smaller like giant Jenga. These activities will bring people to your yard and give them something fun to do.

Water features are some of my favorite things to have in a backyard. After a long and difficult day of work, I like to come home and just relax in the yard. The water feature adds great white noise as well as helps me calm down.

If you have a small backyard, add some mirrors to the fences. The mirrors will reflect the light and the yard, making your space look bigger than it actually is. This is a great trick to make a cramped yard feel much more open.

If you really want to entertain guests in your backyard, get a mini bar or bar cart! This saves you time by not having to go inside for drinks all the time, and it makes the backyard more fun. Plus, if it’s a cart, then you can just roll it over to you!

You can’t truly enjoy your backyard without some really nice backyard patio furniture. Get rid of those old and cheap plastic lawn chairs, and get something with a bit more umph. You’ll be more comfortable, your guests will want to stay longer, and you’ll just have a much better time in the backyard this summer.

Along with furniture, I highly suggest a fireplace or fire pit for your backyard. There’s just something about a fire pit that makes a backyard feel much more cozy and isolated. And you could even roasts marshmallows over the fire, which the kids (and adults) will love.

Spruce up your yard by hanging some artwork on the fences and walls. There’s no rule that says fences have to be ugly and boring. Choose some nature-resistant art that can hang up and that matches the rest of the décor in your patio.

Add some plants and other greenery to your patio. This will help the yard and the porch blend more seamlessly into one another, giving a much more tranquil and relaxed environment. You could even grow herbs on the patio for your cooking.

I love the idea of curling up with a nice book and reading out in the sunlight. An arbor bench is a great way to do this. They’re not too difficult to build, and they provide a fun and cozy reprise whenever you want to get away from the chaos of inside your home.

If you have a tiled porch, give this a try. Paint a few tiles fun and eccentric colors. Not all of them, but just a few. The colors add a touch of excitement and personality to the yard, which is always a plus.

Put up some sort of birdfeeder in your backyard. It adds decoration as well as brings the birds to the yard. You’ll love seeing hummingbirds and other cute birds flying up to your patio. It’s so relaxing!

If you have a pool, build your own towel rack to keep towels organized. I hate when my kids just throw their towels on the ground, so this has been a huge help. I just made one out of PVC pipe and it works great.

For those of you who like to garden, build a potting bench somewhere in your yard. These are nice because they give you a place to work on your plants without having to be bent over in the garden all the time. Trust me, you’ll love your potting bench right away.