10 Best Plants for Rock Wall Landscapes

Ivy. You can’t have an article about rock-climbing plants without mentioning ivy. It’s a classic charmer, and it looks amazing on nearly any rock wall. The lush green contrasts so well with the earthy tones of the rock.

Moss Phlox. Choose between pink, white, and purple flowers. This plant is beautiful in color as well as its shape. Moss Phlox will cascade over the rock wall, adding a soft touch to the stone wall.

Moss. You could also just consider simple moss. It’s an easy but classic design idea that everyone loves. If you want your yard to look like a quaint English cottage, this is definitely your best choice.

Rock Cress. This is a great option because it thrives so well in the soil between rocks. It doesn’t need a lot to survive, and it’s also such a great color. It’s also quite heat- and drought-resistant, which makes it even better.

Candytuft. I think I would plant this just to be able to say its name all the time. Candytuft is a perennial that requires little maintenance but that looks astounding. If you want the blooms to last even longer, prune this plant regularly.

Sedum. Here’s an unusual twist to rock wall plants. It may not be your typically flowering plant, but its still gorgeous and can survive in the rock wall. Sedum adds a tough but subtle element to your landscape.

Succulent. In fact, you could actually branch out quite a bit and try succulents in your rock wall. It may not be the cascading idea you were going for, but it will add color and plants without all the hassle of most others.

Japanese Forest Grass. There’s really not a whole lot to say about this plant. It gives you the grass you’re looking for while actually surviving between the rocks. Almost no other grass will grow like this.

Creeping Thyme. Plant this and watch it spread. As per its name, creeping thyme will spread out among the cracks in your rock wall without you having to guide it much at all. Not only that, but the colors of the flowers are brilliant!

Alyssum. This plant will add a magnificent splash of gold to any rock wall you plant it in. Keep it in full sun and well-drained soil so that it can thrive as best as possible.

20 Cute and Fun DIY Garden Bench Ideas

I’ve seen these gabion benches all over the place, it seems. I think they’re starting to become really popular. So jump on that wagon and make your own gabion garden bench. They’re cute, classy, and very elegant.

Stack some cinderblocks and put wooden posts in between them. This creates a nice base for your bench. You can also create a backrest the same way, but it’s not necessary. Place a cushion on the posts to make it more comfortable.

You could also just skip the posts all together and make a bench solely out of cinderblocks. Obviously, you’ll need pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable. Paint the blocks, if you want, to make the bench more appealing.

Take an old storage cubby and turn it into a garden bench. All you have to do is turn it on its side and you’re good! Paint it to make it look brand new. You can even still use it for storage, things like shoes and boots.

You can never go wrong with a simple garden bench. This one is just a piece of wood and cement legs. Nice, easy, and it gets the job done. Feel free to decorate it, but you don’t have to.

For those of you with young kids, this might be a great idea. It’s a combination between a sandbox and a garden bench! If you imagine hard enough, you could sit on the bench and pretend like your at the beach. You can also build the bench to fold down so it covers the sandbox when not in use.

Upcycle an old bedframe to make your garden bench. This won’t even cost you any money. There are a few ways to do this, depending on how much of the bedframe is usable. Look around and find the best tutorial for you.

This unique bench uses planters as the legs. That way you can get a bench and add some green to your yard or garden. Choose plants that aren’t too intensive and that don’t spread a lot. You want to actually be able to sit on the bench.

If you have a beautiful tree in your yard, make a bench that rings it. You can do this from old chairs, leftover pieces of wood, or get brand new material. A circular tree bench is just so fun and really adds a nice touch to your yard.

Speaking of trees, if you just cut one down, maybe use the wood for a bench. It gives your yard and garden even more of a rustic look, and the material should blend right now. I like how it still feels woodsy yet manmade.

Old chairs are a great resource when it comes to building a garden bench. You’ll just want to make sure they’re in good enough condition to sit on. If so, you can merge two together, or just use the backs of a few. The choice is yours and the options are limitless.

Use an old door to make a new garden bench. Depending on how many you have, the door could be used as both the seat and the back rest. But it’s up to you. Try to use doors that are sturdy so they don’t break when sat upon.

Don’t throw away your garden pallets. Instead, use them to make a bench! You can take the pallet apart and use the individual plies, or you can use the whole pallet as one. There are so many choices, and they all look great!

Be unique and make a hanging garden bench! This takes a bit more time than other benches, but it’s so fun to have around! Add pillows and blankets to make it the most comfortable spot in the yard!

Put those car parts to use by making a bench out of them. An old tail gate can be used as a garden bench or back. License plates can be used as decorative arm rests. There are so many great ideas!

Crates and cushions are a fun and easy way to make a modular bench. It provides storage, is comfortable, and can easily be moved around when needed. Just make sure to get heavy-duty crates!

I absolutely fell in love with this rustic wicker bench when I saw it. I l love how it looks like it’s made straight from the branches in your yard. If you want a fairy tale-esque garden bench, then look no further!

This isn’t so much a bench as it is a platform. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea. Lots of people can relax on this garden bench, and it’s so relaxing to lay out underneath the canopy of trees.

If you want an intensive but rewarding garden bench project, then try this. It’s an arbor, so you get a bench and a super cute piece of décor. You can decorate it with vines, flowers, or string lights for an even more romantic addition.

Take apart that picket fence you have and use it for your bench. Paint the wood, if you want, or keep it looking used and distressed. Make sure the support beams are strong enough, and add some pillows for comfort and color.

10 Fun and Easy DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

One of my favorite things about my backyard is the hammock chair. It’s where I go to think, relax, and just get away from life for a bit. It’s easy to make, and it’s also a cute decoration for your yard or patio.

This foldout bar is pretty much the most genius thing I’ve ever seen. Now you don’t need to keep on going inside to get drinks and freshen up beverages. And, since it folds up, it won’t ever get in the way!

If a foldout bar isn’t your style, then get a beverage cart. You can access all the drink essentials, and it rolls! No more need to even get up from your comfy seat anymore! That’s what I call fantastic.

There are pretty much a billion different types of benches you can make for your patio or garden. I like this cinderblock one because it’s easy, fast, and looks great. It especially is cool if you paint it. You can build a bench solely from cinderblocks, or you can also use wooden posts. Just make sure to add pillows and cushions for maximum comfort.

Combine comfort, accessibility, and sociality with a table that has a built-in drink cooler. You can use it to store drinks that people may want, or you can use it to cool drinks you already have. Either way, this is a great idea.

Grab an old rug and spruce it up to make an amazing new patio rug. Use tape and some paints to make a new design or pattern on the rug. Have fun and be creative on this project. It’ll look great on your patio.

These Adirondack chairs are perfect for summer lounging. And they’re a pretty easy DIY project, so that’s even better. Get some cushions and a nice drink, and you’re all set.

A side table may seem like a small thing, but it can really change your whole patio. The table adds a nice decoration, and it also gives you a place to put a drink or book instead of on the ground. These X brace table is gorgeous, too.

A mobile storage ottoman is just one of the many storage devices you can make for your patio. It can be moved out of the way, it can store pillows and blankets so your patio doesn’t seem crowded, and it also adds sitting space. There’s really no downside to this.

If you have the space, I suggest a day bed. These things are so comfortable! I could seriously spend all day just lounging around in mine! Choose fun and colorful bedding and pillows for a nice touch.

12 Gorgeous Rusted Metal DIY Projects for the Yard

If you’ve got a BIG hunk of rusted metal, and you also have some serious craft skills, you could construct your own waterfall. Choose what size is best. This is such a fun and creative project, even though it does require a bit of time and effort.

Did you accidently let those metal pails get all rusty in the rain? Don’t worry about it. You can still use them for cute decorations or storage around your yard and garden. Attach them to a fence or place them in your shed. You’ve got quite a few options, and they all look great.

I think this garden window is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. I love the play between the rusted metal and the rocks. Not to mention the pull of the garden greens. This is a combination that’s sure to impress.

For large pieces of rusted metal, you can attach them to make a succulent wall. Succulents are one of the best plants to match with rusted metal because of their color. It provides some of the green you want while also complementing the metal with the brown spots.

There are a dozen different ways you can use rusted metal to make a border for your garden. You can put rusted pipes next to each other, or use a long piece of rusted steel for a sleek border.

Rusted metal bowls and containers are a great option for planters. Even if it’s just as an exterior decoration, the metal goes really well with the green plants colorful fruit/flowers, and earthy dirt.

Get a little creative and make some garden art out of your rusted metal pieces. You can make shovel owls, or just craft the rusted metal into whatever fun designs you think of. Don’t be shy, and just have fun with it!

A rusted chair may seem like something that needs to go straight to the dump, but this picture should prove otherwise. Doesn’t it look amazing with the jars and flowers on it? Choose colors that match and complement the rusted chair so it all looks like one art piece.

I thought this water faucet was just the cutest idea I’d ever seen! I love how there’s the diamond in the faucet to make it look like water is dripping. This is a fun little decoration that you can put pretty much anywhere in your yard or garden.

Use an old rusted shovel to make a sign for your garden. Write something cute on it, or just use it as a simple label. You can do whatever floats your boat!

Once, I let my whole tool set out in the yard and it rained. I forgot about them and they eventually rusted. I was really sad, but then I decided to turn them into decorations.  I made this type of décor, and I thought it looked gorgeous. You could try the same thing with any tools you have that are rusted.

Hey, birds don’t need a big, fancy house. You can make one for them out of rusted metal. Even if the birds don’t come, you can still use the bird houses as decoration. They look cute in patio settings or out in the garden, if it’s big enough.

14 Backyard Pergolas Anyone Can (and Should) Have

Here’s a new twist to the classic pergola. Add a little arch to it to make it even more amazing. This adds some vertical height, but it also takes the pergola from a straight edge to a more fanciful curve.

I like pergolas, but sometimes the plain wooden posts just don’t look that good. However, you can add some decorative stone around the bases, and that solves the problem. Use whatever stone goes best with the floor and the other décor around the space.

I love pergolas that have comfortable seating underneath with a fire place. A nice thing about a pergola is that the open slots mean the smoke can escape, making it perfect for a fire pit. This kind of place is perfect for gathering at night to enjoy the company of friends and family.

If you want a pergola but don’t have much space, you can try this type. It uses pillars to get the height, but it only covers a bar, so it’s smaller than a normal pergola. Put this right next to the pool for some great summer fun.

You can also use pillars but on a normal pergola. The pillar material and the wooden slats complement on another. Also, considering adding hanging lights to make it even more romantic and magical.

Attach the pergola to the side of your house to save time and money. Just make sure your home can support the added weight. This is a nice idea because you can enjoy the pergola the moment you step outside, and you won’t need to be a full pergola.

I love the idea of having a pergola solely for a swing bed. There’s something that’s just so quaint about it. Get a big, cozy swing bed that holds lots of blankets and pillows. Doesn’t it just seem like a great place to hang out and relax?

Add some landscaping to improve your pergola. You can add it between the pergola and yard to make some privacy, or you can surround the pergola with the landscaping. Either way, it looks great and the landscaping can add some much needed color and style.

Take a normal pergola and add some curtains to it. This gives it color, but you can also create some privacy when needed. You can also get shade from any sun coming in. Choose curtains that are weather-resistant and match the décor in your pergola. You can choose between airy material or thick material.

Build a pergola over your hot tub. It blocks some of the sun during the day so it’s not scorching, but it also allows you to see the stars at night. This can be a really romantic way to spend the evening.

No one ever said you can’t have a pergola AND a gazebo. Make a combo out of the two. They both serve different functions, but they look good together side by side. You’ll love entertaining guests in your outdoor gala!

If you want a pergola for looks but don’t really care where it is, consider building one over your outdoor shower. It provides some shelter when showering, and it makes the shower look a bit more complete. It’s no longer just a spout sticking out of the wall.

This walkway pergola is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I love how it overlooks a little pond. I bet, at night, it feels like you’re all alone in the world. Some romantic lighting can really make this place wonderful.

Combine a privacy wall with a pergola. The pergola protects you from the sun and the privacy fence protects you from prying neighbor’s eyes. Use material similar in both constructions so that they match.

12 Fun and Creative DIY Stepping Stone Ideas

I think a stepping stone in the shape of a leaf is a cute and clever addition to any yard or garden. What I like is how the shape brings in the natural elements and the cement or plaster (or whatever material you use) brings in the urban feel. You can do this in any size or shape.

A mosaic stepping stone is a fun way to express yourself and put some of your unique art in your yard. You can just do an assortment of fun colors or choose a mosaic design specific to each stone.

You guys, these footprint stepping stones are pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life! Aren’t they just precious? I love how you can take just normal rocks and create such an adorable idea. Press them into the ground or cast them in a mold for best results.

Use your stepping stone project as a chance to make memories with your kids. Not only will they love the project, but you can immortalize their name, handprint, footprint, or whatever else you want in the stone. Then, years down the road, you can look back and remember that moment.

If you’re like me and have about a billion knickknacks sitting around, then use them in your stepping stones! You can create a fun theme (like games), or just do matching colors. Whatever the idea, have fun and make the stepping stones look great.

I loved playing hopscotch as a little girl, so when I saw this idea, I just fell in love! It’s such a fun and easy way to bring color, fun, and hopscotch to your yard without much work at all.

If you’re careful, you can take broken pieces of vases, plates, and other similar items and mold them into a stepping stone. Obviously, you want to make sure no sharp parts are sticking out, but this is a great way to upcycle some of those things you thought were broken for good.

Go for a quaint rustic look by making stepping stones with a nice layer of moss. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks, and it can make your backyard feel like one of those cottages in the countryside of Ireland!

There’s no need to settle for round or square stepping stones. You can make them in whatever shape you want. In fact, you could even make butterfly-shaped stepping stones for your yard. It’s all up to how much work you want to put into them and how much time you have.

If you REALLY like making customized stepping stones, then make some for the seasons. You can do heart-shaped stepping stones for Valentine’s day, snowman ones for Christmas, etc. Imagine how impressed everyone will be when your stepping stones match the holiday!

I think square stepping stones are a classy and elegant addition to the yard, but they can sometimes seem bulky and industrial. But if you add some fun designs and colors to them, then the whole game changes. It can be as simple as a few leaves or as crazy as a rainbow. It’s up to you!

When I first saw this interlocking path made from stepping stones, I fell in love. There’s something about how they’re separate pieces that make up a bigger whole that I find amazing. Plus, the color and curve of the path makes the yard so much more gorgeous.

11 Gorgeous DIY Backyard Steps

These tiles steps are some of the most beautiful DIY steps I’ve seen. I love the border, I love the colors, and I love how well they’re set into the yard. I also think it’s cute how they’re detached from one another but still work as a whole.

Cinderblocks are probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a set of stairs in your backyard. I will say, they’re not the cutest, but they get the job done. You can add some foliage and small stones in between the gaps and whatnot to make it better though. Overall, this is a good idea, but you’ll have to put in a bit more work to get it looking really beautiful.

Here’s a project that kills two birds with one stone: a retaining wall and step combo. It can help shape your yard a bit, and it also uses the same materials to get steps to the lower portion. It definitely requires some time and work, but it’s worth it. Especially for a steep yard.

If you want a set of rustic steps, look no further than this beauty. The rocks look natural, as if Mother Nature herself made these steps. Don’t go too overboard with the details; the rougher it looks, the better.

This boardwalk-style set of steps is great for a yard that gets lots of traffic. If you entertain guests frequently or just like to spend time in your backyard, then I highly suggest this project. It looks good, is durable, and allows you lots of space, if needed.

Get a combination of larger stones and smaller gravel. Make sure they complement each other in texture and color. This may seem like a strange combination (so much rock!) but it actually looks great.

If that’s just too much stone for you, then do a wood and stone combination. Generally, people make the border of the step from wood and fill it with gravel or small rocks. The contrast between the two materials actually works really well together.

Brick is a classic and elegant material to make steps with. The red works so well with the grass and other foliage you have. Also, brick in the yard, to me, reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel happy and at peace.

Aren’t these patterned steps just absolutely darling? I love how they aren’t the same exact pattern, but they’re similar enough to create an exciting theme. This is a way to both get practicality out of stairs while adding some artistic touch to your yard.

Tiered steps are a good idea for yards that get steep quickly. The tiers support one another and give you the necessary walking space without feeling too crammed or taking up too much space. You can choose a vast variety of materials for tiered steps.

These mosaic style steps remind me of the Spanish or Italian countryside for some reason. I don’t know why. But I love them! The color and texture they add really makes the whole yard pop with personality.

12 Gorgeous Patio Design Ideas

Blend your patio with nature by making this incredibly beautiful backyard spot. I love how the boulders and the vines so easily incorporate into the sitting areas. This looks like a patio that you would find in the middle of the Amazon or something. So cool!

No need to get all fancy with your patio. You could just build a nice little pergola in the corner of your yard. It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to get a patio without breaking the bank or overrunning your yard.

I think the best kind of patios are the ones where you can cuddle up and get cozy with your friends and loved ones. A fireplace isn’t necessary, but it definitely makes the patio much more enjoyable to be around. You could even roast s’mores if you wanted!

You don’t need some big, eccentric theme to make your patio beautiful and eye-catching. Instead, just choose a color palette that works together well and has a nice pop. Play around with the textures and materials to get the most unique patio design you can think of.

If you want to build a really amazing patio, include an outdoor kitchen. You’ll love the freedom of not having to go inside every time you need something. Plus, you’ll find yourself outside in the great weather a lot more! You could build a full kitchen or just a small kitchenette.

Cute backyard lighting is one of my weaknesses, and this patio idea is definitely one of the best. The curve of the pergola and the accent with the lights pretty much blows me away. Choose some cute and comfy furniture to make this an amazing backyard paradise.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then you for sure better build your patio around that feature! You want nice loungers, cute umbrella stands, and even some towel racks for ease and accessibility.

I like the idea of having a patio a little out from your home. It makes things seems quieter and just more remote, like you’re actually getting away from all your stresses. You could even build  little footpath to lead out there.

If you’re like me and hate the noise of gameday, consider letting your husband have a gameday getaway in the porch. With a built-in TV, the noise and game go outside and you get to enjoy the silence in your home. It can’t get much better than that.

Just because it’s an outdoor feature doesn’t mean the porch shouldn’t get some seasonal touch-ups. In fact, a few intentionally placed pillows could be all you need to bring your patio into the next seasonal event.

This countryside style patio is probably one of my favorite. It’s relaxing, cute, quaint, and has all the features that I want when it comes to a cozy patio. If you have an amazing view, that’s even better. But if not, you’ll still enjoy the atmosphere.

Try a patio that gives off some classic European vibes. The pillars work well with the stone flooring to create a relaxing yet elegant patio. You could even throw in some dangling vines to make it look better.

14 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

You don’t need to upheave your entire backyard to make a nice landscape. Add a small little path that winds through the garden. Or you could add a more noticeable path from bricks or other prominent material. The choice is yours, but a pathway is always a cute addition.

A water feature will do two things for your yard. 1) It adds that wonderful background noise that can melt your stress away. 2) It creates a focal point for the yard and a conversation piece. Choose a fountain, river, waterfall, or any combination.

Enhance your backyard with a fun and immersive yard game. You could build a whole DIY bowling alley that your guests can enjoy. You could also add a chess/checkers board for late-night games. There are limitless options for backyard games.

The lighting in your yard will take it from drab to fab. I promise. Dull, poor lighting means the party can only go until the sun sets. Fun, effective lighting makes the mood better and lets the party last until whenever you say it ends.

If you have a pool, then that needs to be the focal point of your yard. If the landscaping is not set up that way, then you know what you have to do. Build a sun-tanning area, put in a fireplace, do anything like that. In summer, everyone should be at the poolside!

This pergola and pond combination has really got me jealous. I want it in my own yard. It looks so comfy and intimate while also looking like a place the whole family can gather. You don’t have to go this intense, but any type of pergola will enhance the view in your yard.

Privacy shrubs will change your life drastically if you have nosy neighbors. You’ll no longer have to worry about them spying, and you can enjoy the comfort of your own yard. You can do shrubs, hedges, planters, or any other style of privacy fence.

For those of us with a green thumb and some extra space, consider building a greenhouse in your garden area. It will allow you much more time in the year to grow plants, and you don’t have to be victim to the weather. You could also just improve the garden to make it prettier.

I absolutely love the idea of having a courtyard in the backyard. Of course, you’ll need quite a bit of space, or the courtyard will feel cramped. But this is such an elegant and classy backyard landscape idea, I couldn’t not share it.

Add a trellis or arbor to your backyard. You’ll be surprised by how much it can change the whole look of the landscape. Add some dangling ivy and plants to make it even cuter.

A simple way to improve the landscape is by adding a patio and firepit. There are a million different ways to do this, so choose a budget and style that fits best for you.

A lot of people don’t pay attention to this idea, but flower beds can really make or break your landscape. Dull and empty beds can make even the prettiest yard look ugly and boring. Add some new flowers, build up the beds, or make other improvements as your wallet sees fit.

A yard can look completely different just by adding a fence to it. And you have hundreds of choices. Picket, vinyl, wrought iron, and so many more. Grow some vines on the fence to make it even more rustic.

You guys, this potting shed is absolutely GORGEOUS! Like, I seriously love it so much. The way it’s nestled in between the plants and shrubs makes it look like a scene from Secret Garden.

10 Unique DIY Garden and Yard Borders

I love the class that gabion fences add to any space. For the border to your yard or garden, you can make a small or large fence. Choose rocks or inside materials that goes best with you flowers or other plants your growing.

Pipe pieces add a nice mixture of urban to the natural environment. Choose ones that are rusted or worn down for added texture and style. I would also suggest cutting them at different angles to make the look more engaging and interesting.

Cinderblocks are a pretty cheap and easy way to create a border for your yard, especially if you already have some sitting around. You can paint the blocks if you want something a bit more comfortable, but it’s not necessary.

If you have rocks or other dry aspects in your yard and garden, then use grass as the border. It’s a fun inversion to the typical yard border. Choose a grass or other plant that stands tall, is easy to manage, and is clearly a border.

Use cement to make a border for your yard or garden. You can do a vertical piece as well as a base piece, or just one of them. The versatility of this project makes it one of my favorites.

If you want a classic and elegant border for your yard, then go with brick. It’s simple yet classy enough for any yard. This is especially great if you have a brick patio or other brick features that it can complement.

Store up all those wine bottles and make a border out of them! I would suggest the same type and color of wine bottles so it doesn’t look to eclectic. But again, that’s a personal preference. Stick them upside and make your border!

I never really thought of shells as working well as a border, but I was wrong. These shells seem like such a natural and easily integrated part of the yard. The best part is you can use ones you find yourself, so the border has a story!

These bent branches work together so well to make a fantastically rustic border for your yard or garden. I love the whole fairy tale effect that it creates. Choose branches that are flexible enough and the right size.

Metal is always a good choice for a garden border, especially if you have some very earthy plants. You can use a strip of copper, a stretch of galvanized metal, or any other type you see fit.