10 Perfect Climbing Plants for Trellises, Archways, and Arbors

Bougainvillea. Here’s an easy plant to take care of. Bougainvillea is very pest- and disease-resistant. The colors are also really pretty. Grow this for a beautiful and easy-to-maintain plant on your archways.

Honeysuckle. Just the name of this plant is great. And it looks fantastic. You’ll also add a nice aroma to your yard with this plant.

Zephirine Drouhin Rose. This plant is a great grower and it’s also thornless. Can’t beat that. The vines are incredibly flexible, making them great to wrap around arches and trellises.

Clematis. Grow this for a classic and classy look. It will usually start flowering in spring to give you the color you want. I like combining this plant with other climbers to get a unique appearance.

Abutilon ‘Kentish Belle.’ The shape of the flowers alone makes this plant worth it. But the colors are also spectacular. There are a few varieties you can grow, each one as astounding as the next. These plants are easy to grow and they grow fast.

Golden Trumpet. The name of this plant kinda says it all. You get a beautiful color and shape from this plant. And the contrast against the green and brown of the vine makes it even better. These are some of the best climbing plants, I think.

Blue Moon Wisteria. The name is a bit misleading because you can get flowers that are blue, purple, red or white. Nevertheless, this is an amazing climbing plant for your trellises, archways, or arbors. Grow in full sun to get the healthiest plants and blooms.

Morning Glory. This plant is considered a weed by some (like my grandpa), but I think it’s too beautiful to be a weed! As long as you control the growth and keep it contained, Morning Glory is a great addition to any yard, especially the trellises and archways.

Sweet Peas. You can’t really do research on climbing plants without seeing information on sweet peas. It’s a popular choice because it grows well and also smells great. It does require more work since it’s prone to bugs and pests.

Passion Flower. For a hardy plant that grows well in tropical areas, try this guy. It has a great smell, edible fruit, and bright flowers, so it’s a pretty good choice. It’s fast-growing, so keep an eye on it.