15 Things that will Make Your Backyard More Welcoming

Pathways, without a doubt, improve any backyard. You can make any size, style, or color you want. Make sure to choose materials that look good and match your home and yard, though.

9 Genius Backyard Shade Ideas

I love the idea of having a backyard shade that can be pulled out and retracted. This lets you avoid the worst of the heat in the afternoon, but you can pull it back and put it away when the sun’s gone down and the stars are out. It makes your backyard much more enjoyable.

The cool thing about a sail shade is how it looks. You can choose from a lot of different colors and styles, so choose one that best matches your backyard décor. Sails are nice because they’re cheaper than full canopies or awnings, and they still block a significant amount of the sun.

For those of you with a green thumb, grow a vertical garden and use that to block out the sun! You can’t put the plants as your ceiling (unless you’re really skilled), but they work great as the walls for shade in the backyard. Plus, you have space for plants, which is always a plus.

If you’re looking for some greenery to have all around, then plant some wisteria. It grows really fast and it will stretch out to eventually cover your whole ceiling and provide great shade for your backyard. Wisteria will turn even the most urban home into a natural getaway that everyone can enjoy.

Build or have a pergola built in your backyard. This is one of the more classic and common ways to bring shade to the backyard. There’s nothing wrong with this idea, especially if you want some shade and a really classy structure to go with it.

An umbrella or parasol is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring shade to your backyard in a jiffy. You can even get tables and deck chairs that come with holders so the umbrella can slide right into it and cover where you’re sitting. This is also a great solution because it’s retractable.

Install a fabric canopy over your deck or backyard area for a simple yet classy way to add some shade. I like the fabric canopy because they’re really high quality, and they reduce the sun’s heat quite a bit.

Lattice patterns are a fun and unique way to add some shade and personality to your backyard. I like to combine the lattice with some plants and other natural elements to make the backyard for more secluded and private.

Go for a really unique look with this dome! It provides the shade you want, and it’s a great conversation piece. It’s privacy is so nice; I bet your kids and your whole family will love spending time underneath the shade down.

How to Create More Shade in Your Backyard

Make a statement with this gorgeous sail cover. It’s easy because it doesn’t require much, just some fabric and a few stands. Cut three holes into the corner of the sail and stretch it across the stands. That’s all you have to do. So easy!

12 Easy Projects that Will Make Your Backyard Fabulous

Make your backyard a personalized haven with this fabulous movie theater project. You can go as big or as small as you want. Big would include pillow seats, popcorn machine, etc. Or you could simply hang a sheet and call it good.

8 Ingenious Backyard Movie Theater Ideas

Did you know that you can get a blowup movie screen? This is ideal for large open spaces where you don’t have a wall to project the movie onto. You just blow it up, stick it where you want, and start the show!

Chill in the pool while you watch your favorite flick! Whether you’re paying attention to the movie or just having it on in the background, a poolside movie theater is a great addition to the yard. Watch something like Jaws for a fun night.

One of the easiest ways to do an outdoor movie theater is projecting the movie onto the side of your house. Obviously, you’ll want a white house without any texture. If you do, that’s great. The movie will look amazing and it cost you nothing!

If you’re not lucky enough to have the perfect house for watching a move, no problem. You can still hang up or build in a screen for watching movies. Get one of those school pull down screens, and that’s all. Easy to store and easy to use.

Make stands for your movie screen by using large pots. Fill them with rocks or cement (depending on the size of the posts), and stick the poles in. You should be able to hang a sheet tightly between the two poles and get a mobile movie screen!

If you want to go big, try this design. It comes with the movie screen, cozy viewing spots, drink holders, and romantic lighting. Doesn’t just looking at this picture make you excited for a movie night outside?

For two story homes, you can still have a nice movie theater from the yard. In fact, it may be easier. Hang a sheet from the top floor and let it drape down. If it’s not windy, you’ll have the perfect movie screen with nearly no work!

Hang a wire or rope between two trees or fence posts. Hang a white sheet over the cord, and you have your screen! Clip it on with clothespins or something similar, if needed. This is removable, too, so it’s not always in the way or taking up your whole yard.

12 Gorgeous Patio Design Ideas

Blend your patio with nature by making this incredibly beautiful backyard spot. I love how the boulders and the vines so easily incorporate into the sitting areas. This looks like a patio that you would find in the middle of the Amazon or something. So cool!

No need to get all fancy with your patio. You could just build a nice little pergola in the corner of your yard. It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to get a patio without breaking the bank or overrunning your yard.

I think the best kind of patios are the ones where you can cuddle up and get cozy with your friends and loved ones. A fireplace isn’t necessary, but it definitely makes the patio much more enjoyable to be around. You could even roast s’mores if you wanted!

You don’t need some big, eccentric theme to make your patio beautiful and eye-catching. Instead, just choose a color palette that works together well and has a nice pop. Play around with the textures and materials to get the most unique patio design you can think of.

If you want to build a really amazing patio, include an outdoor kitchen. You’ll love the freedom of not having to go inside every time you need something. Plus, you’ll find yourself outside in the great weather a lot more! You could build a full kitchen or just a small kitchenette.

Cute backyard lighting is one of my weaknesses, and this patio idea is definitely one of the best. The curve of the pergola and the accent with the lights pretty much blows me away. Choose some cute and comfy furniture to make this an amazing backyard paradise.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then you for sure better build your patio around that feature! You want nice loungers, cute umbrella stands, and even some towel racks for ease and accessibility.

I like the idea of having a patio a little out from your home. It makes things seems quieter and just more remote, like you’re actually getting away from all your stresses. You could even build  little footpath to lead out there.

If you’re like me and hate the noise of gameday, consider letting your husband have a gameday getaway in the porch. With a built-in TV, the noise and game go outside and you get to enjoy the silence in your home. It can’t get much better than that.

Just because it’s an outdoor feature doesn’t mean the porch shouldn’t get some seasonal touch-ups. In fact, a few intentionally placed pillows could be all you need to bring your patio into the next seasonal event.

This countryside style patio is probably one of my favorite. It’s relaxing, cute, quaint, and has all the features that I want when it comes to a cozy patio. If you have an amazing view, that’s even better. But if not, you’ll still enjoy the atmosphere.

Try a patio that gives off some classic European vibes. The pillars work well with the stone flooring to create a relaxing yet elegant patio. You could even throw in some dangling vines to make it look better.