10 Unique DIY Garden and Yard Borders

I love the class that gabion fences add to any space. For the border to your yard or garden, you can make a small or large fence. Choose rocks or inside materials that goes best with you flowers or other plants your growing.

Pipe pieces add a nice mixture of urban to the natural environment. Choose ones that are rusted or worn down for added texture and style. I would also suggest cutting them at different angles to make the look more engaging and interesting.

Cinderblocks are a pretty cheap and easy way to create a border for your yard, especially if you already have some sitting around. You can paint the blocks if you want something a bit more comfortable, but it’s not necessary.

If you have rocks or other dry aspects in your yard and garden, then use grass as the border. It’s a fun inversion to the typical yard border. Choose a grass or other plant that stands tall, is easy to manage, and is clearly a border.

Use cement to make a border for your yard or garden. You can do a vertical piece as well as a base piece, or just one of them. The versatility of this project makes it one of my favorites.

If you want a classic and elegant border for your yard, then go with brick. It’s simple yet classy enough for any yard. This is especially great if you have a brick patio or other brick features that it can complement.

Store up all those wine bottles and make a border out of them! I would suggest the same type and color of wine bottles so it doesn’t look to eclectic. But again, that’s a personal preference. Stick them upside and make your border!

I never really thought of shells as working well as a border, but I was wrong. These shells seem like such a natural and easily integrated part of the yard. The best part is you can use ones you find yourself, so the border has a story!

These bent branches work together so well to make a fantastically rustic border for your yard or garden. I love the whole fairy tale effect that it creates. Choose branches that are flexible enough and the right size.

Metal is always a good choice for a garden border, especially if you have some very earthy plants. You can use a strip of copper, a stretch of galvanized metal, or any other type you see fit.