Top 15 Best Flowers for Fall Colors

Colchium. Make sure to get the fall variety of this plant because there is also a similar spring flower. This plant brings a beautiful purple shade to the yard as it springs up from its bulb.

Aster. This is one of the more popular fall flowers because of all the colors they come in.  I suggest planting asters that complement each other because, when they bloom, your yard will look fantastic.

Toad Lily. One of the reasons this is a great fall flower is because it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive. These flowers have some wonderful spots across the bulbs that add texture and personality to the garden.

Perennial Sunflower. As the leaves begin to turn yellow and gold, this plant will be right along with them. They provide a popping yellow feature to the garden and can add a little bit of happiness anywhere you place them.

Balloon flower. Also known as the Chinese bellflower, these plants are astounding. I guess they will actually puff up and then open to reveal the amazing star-shape.

Celosia. If you want a fall yard with the traditional color palette, then look no further than celosia. With bursts of red, yellow, and orange, it’s perfect.

Heather. Here’s a plant to add to your garden for maximum color. The flowers bloom in shades of white, pink, or purple, and the foliage can be anything from deep bronze to red or green. This is a fast grower, too, so it can cover lots of ground for you.

Tickseed. If you want this flower to bloom in the fall, you need to do some consistent pruning and trimming during the summer. If you do, the amazing yellow, pink or red of this plant will brighten your garden in the autumn weather. It’s also a pretty hardy plant, too!

Beautyberry. Take one look at this picture and you’ll know why you need it for your fall yard. It grows flowers in the summer and the deep purple berries in fall, so it adds color year-round!

Goldenrod. What better way to signal fall then with this classic plant. While this is a great plant for fall colors, it can grow incredibly fast. So if you add it to your yard or garden, make sure you can control it.

Red Spider Lily. Don’t let its name fool you, this is one of the most gorgeous plants for your yard. It’s so named because of the spindly parts that branch out from the flower. But the red is an amazing addition to any garden.

Helenium. These bright and fun colors are the perfect transition from summer to fall. This is also a pretty easy plant to take care of, which I always appreciate.

Japanese Anemone. This is a simple yet elegant plant for your fall garden. Most people place them in garden borders for a subtle yet defined look. Once full-grown, they require very little work on your part.

Chrysanthemum. Here is one of the most iconic flowers of fall. It boasts some traditional fall colors in a bright and bushy collection. Keep them well-watered and mulched for the best chance at the longest survival.

Sedum. Not only does sedum bloom in the fall, but it’s also super low-maintenance and incredibly hardy. Its only weak spot is deer, so plan accordingly.

18 of the Most Colorful Perennials

Peruvian Lily. You can get a lot of different colors with this flower. Purple, yellow, pink, you name it. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot, or it can stunt the plant’s growth.