12 Gorgeous Rusted Metal DIY Projects for the Yard

If you’ve got a BIG hunk of rusted metal, and you also have some serious craft skills, you could construct your own waterfall. Choose what size is best. This is such a fun and creative project, even though it does require a bit of time and effort.

Did you accidently let those metal pails get all rusty in the rain? Don’t worry about it. You can still use them for cute decorations or storage around your yard and garden. Attach them to a fence or place them in your shed. You’ve got quite a few options, and they all look great.

I think this garden window is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. I love the play between the rusted metal and the rocks. Not to mention the pull of the garden greens. This is a combination that’s sure to impress.

For large pieces of rusted metal, you can attach them to make a succulent wall. Succulents are one of the best plants to match with rusted metal because of their color. It provides some of the green you want while also complementing the metal with the brown spots.

There are a dozen different ways you can use rusted metal to make a border for your garden. You can put rusted pipes next to each other, or use a long piece of rusted steel for a sleek border.

Rusted metal bowls and containers are a great option for planters. Even if it’s just as an exterior decoration, the metal goes really well with the green plants colorful fruit/flowers, and earthy dirt.

Get a little creative and make some garden art out of your rusted metal pieces. You can make shovel owls, or just craft the rusted metal into whatever fun designs you think of. Don’t be shy, and just have fun with it!

A rusted chair may seem like something that needs to go straight to the dump, but this picture should prove otherwise. Doesn’t it look amazing with the jars and flowers on it? Choose colors that match and complement the rusted chair so it all looks like one art piece.

I thought this water faucet was just the cutest idea I’d ever seen! I love how there’s the diamond in the faucet to make it look like water is dripping. This is a fun little decoration that you can put pretty much anywhere in your yard or garden.

Use an old rusted shovel to make a sign for your garden. Write something cute on it, or just use it as a simple label. You can do whatever floats your boat!

Once, I let my whole tool set out in the yard and it rained. I forgot about them and they eventually rusted. I was really sad, but then I decided to turn them into decorations.  I made this type of décor, and I thought it looked gorgeous. You could try the same thing with any tools you have that are rusted.

Hey, birds don’t need a big, fancy house. You can make one for them out of rusted metal. Even if the birds don’t come, you can still use the bird houses as decoration. They look cute in patio settings or out in the garden, if it’s big enough.

14 Backyard Pergolas Anyone Can (and Should) Have

Here’s a new twist to the classic pergola. Add a little arch to it to make it even more amazing. This adds some vertical height, but it also takes the pergola from a straight edge to a more fanciful curve.

I like pergolas, but sometimes the plain wooden posts just don’t look that good. However, you can add some decorative stone around the bases, and that solves the problem. Use whatever stone goes best with the floor and the other décor around the space.

I love pergolas that have comfortable seating underneath with a fire place. A nice thing about a pergola is that the open slots mean the smoke can escape, making it perfect for a fire pit. This kind of place is perfect for gathering at night to enjoy the company of friends and family.

If you want a pergola but don’t have much space, you can try this type. It uses pillars to get the height, but it only covers a bar, so it’s smaller than a normal pergola. Put this right next to the pool for some great summer fun.

You can also use pillars but on a normal pergola. The pillar material and the wooden slats complement on another. Also, considering adding hanging lights to make it even more romantic and magical.

Attach the pergola to the side of your house to save time and money. Just make sure your home can support the added weight. This is a nice idea because you can enjoy the pergola the moment you step outside, and you won’t need to be a full pergola.

I love the idea of having a pergola solely for a swing bed. There’s something that’s just so quaint about it. Get a big, cozy swing bed that holds lots of blankets and pillows. Doesn’t it just seem like a great place to hang out and relax?

Add some landscaping to improve your pergola. You can add it between the pergola and yard to make some privacy, or you can surround the pergola with the landscaping. Either way, it looks great and the landscaping can add some much needed color and style.

Take a normal pergola and add some curtains to it. This gives it color, but you can also create some privacy when needed. You can also get shade from any sun coming in. Choose curtains that are weather-resistant and match the décor in your pergola. You can choose between airy material or thick material.

Build a pergola over your hot tub. It blocks some of the sun during the day so it’s not scorching, but it also allows you to see the stars at night. This can be a really romantic way to spend the evening.

No one ever said you can’t have a pergola AND a gazebo. Make a combo out of the two. They both serve different functions, but they look good together side by side. You’ll love entertaining guests in your outdoor gala!

If you want a pergola for looks but don’t really care where it is, consider building one over your outdoor shower. It provides some shelter when showering, and it makes the shower look a bit more complete. It’s no longer just a spout sticking out of the wall.

This walkway pergola is probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I love how it overlooks a little pond. I bet, at night, it feels like you’re all alone in the world. Some romantic lighting can really make this place wonderful.

Combine a privacy wall with a pergola. The pergola protects you from the sun and the privacy fence protects you from prying neighbor’s eyes. Use material similar in both constructions so that they match.