10 Fun and Easy DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

One of my favorite things about my backyard is the hammock chair. It’s where I go to think, relax, and just get away from life for a bit. It’s easy to make, and it’s also a cute decoration for your yard or patio.

This foldout bar is pretty much the most genius thing I’ve ever seen. Now you don’t need to keep on going inside to get drinks and freshen up beverages. And, since it folds up, it won’t ever get in the way!

If a foldout bar isn’t your style, then get a beverage cart. You can access all the drink essentials, and it rolls! No more need to even get up from your comfy seat anymore! That’s what I call fantastic.

There are pretty much a billion different types of benches you can make for your patio or garden. I like this cinderblock one because it’s easy, fast, and looks great. It especially is cool if you paint it. You can build a bench solely from cinderblocks, or you can also use wooden posts. Just make sure to add pillows and cushions for maximum comfort.

Combine comfort, accessibility, and sociality with a table that has a built-in drink cooler. You can use it to store drinks that people may want, or you can use it to cool drinks you already have. Either way, this is a great idea.

Grab an old rug and spruce it up to make an amazing new patio rug. Use tape and some paints to make a new design or pattern on the rug. Have fun and be creative on this project. It’ll look great on your patio.

These Adirondack chairs are perfect for summer lounging. And they’re a pretty easy DIY project, so that’s even better. Get some cushions and a nice drink, and you’re all set.

A side table may seem like a small thing, but it can really change your whole patio. The table adds a nice decoration, and it also gives you a place to put a drink or book instead of on the ground. These X brace table is gorgeous, too.

A mobile storage ottoman is just one of the many storage devices you can make for your patio. It can be moved out of the way, it can store pillows and blankets so your patio doesn’t seem crowded, and it also adds sitting space. There’s really no downside to this.

If you have the space, I suggest a day bed. These things are so comfortable! I could seriously spend all day just lounging around in mine! Choose fun and colorful bedding and pillows for a nice touch.