9 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your House’s Ugly Foundation

A super easy way to cover up your house’s foundation, and which may not require any extra money on your part, is to paint it. If you’ve recently painted your house, then just use the leftover paint to paint your foundation. If you do this well enough, the foundation may blend right in. If not, just choose a color that complements the color of your home.

Stone panels are a fancy and classy way to cover up the foundation. You can choose from quite a few different types, but they all look good. These stone panels look really nice and they don’t look like you’re just trying to hide your foundation; they act as a nice decorative piece to the exterior of your home.

One of my favorite ways to cover up an ugly foundation is by using flowers. Not only is the foundation hidden behind them, but the flowers add color and fragrance to your home and yard. And if you choose flowers the go well with the color of your house, even better!

If flowers are too colorful or too much work for you, you can still cover up the foundation with bushes. These usually don’t require as much work and maintenance, and they’re often taller too. Hiding really big and ugly foundations is pretty easy with bushes.

Add some stucco to your foundation to give it a bit more of a polished look. You’ll still be able to tell it’s the foundation to your home, but it won’t have that rundown, urban feel that most foundations do. Just remember, never power wash stucco, it can remove it.

I bet when you first looked at this, you couldn’t even tell there was a foundation. That’s because you can match the foundation to look like the rest of your house. This is especially easy of you have wooden runners or beams that you can simply extend.

A veneer is a common way to cover up a home’s foundation. It’s pretty cheap, looks good, and easy enough to apply. You can also choose from quite a variety of veneers, which makes this option even better.

For a more natural way to cover up your foundation, try using gravel or other stones. Your foundation can only be a few inches, at most, for this to work best, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Lattice paneling is a common and beautiful way to cover up a home’s foundation. If you have a large exposed foundation, then this may be the choice for you. Simple white latticework is the best, I think, but you can do what you like the most.