15 Insanely Fun Game for Your Backyard

One theme you’ll see throughout this article is giant-themed games. For example, giant Jenga is a great game to play outside. It’s much more visual, and its way more entertaining when someone makes the tower collapse.

Backyard bowling has quite a few iterations, but they’re all fun to play. You could build a whole run, or you could just use some plastic bottles and a ball. The amount of work you want to put into it is up to you, but everyone will love it.

Make a creative tic tac toe board that anyone can play. You can keep it next to your furniture, put it out in the garden, or just have it sitting around for decoration. Be creative and make the board and pieces as fun as possible.

If you really want to build a fun backyard game, try a giant chess set. Unless you have some mad wood-carving skills, you’ll probably need to buy the pieces (or make some simpler ones), but the idea is still the same. This is a way to keep your kids using their brains throughout the summer.

You could also try backyard checkers. The setup is a bit simpler, and it’s still a fun game. It also doesn’t require as much adult involvement. Which I always appreciate.

Make or buy some giant dominos that can be used all around your backyard and patio. You can play Mexican Train, other games, or just make a fun dominos path to knock down. There are some really cute domino kits online.

Another giant game is giant Scrabble. This is fun whether you want just a quick game or an intense battle! The board can be any surface, as long as the tiles fit.

Croquet is a classic backyard game that I loved playing when I was younger. I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember the rules, but it can’t be too hard to remember. And it can be portable, which is also a plus.

Horseshoes is one of the simplest games to set up and play. You just need the stick in the ground and the horseshoes. The rest is pretty understandable and easy to do.

Cornhole tosses are pretty popular at the state fair, but you can also bring them to your own backyard. There are a few different ways to set this up, but they’re all pretty easy DIY projects. You’ll be surprised at how addictive these games can be.

This bucket toss game is another variation of the cornhole game. It has a more vertical dimension to it, which can make it more fun. Your kids will love this game, I bet. I know mine do.

I’d only seen cup races played a few times before, but I immediately fell in love with the idea. All you need is a string, cups, clips, and water or Nerf guns. Each player races against the others to be the first to shoot their cup to the finish line. Isn’t that so creative?

Bring some fun and games to your yard with Yahtzee! The dice are huge, which makes it much more fun, and you can use a whiteboard to keep track of the points. Watch your family and guests get pretty competitive with this yard game.

My mom was a tetherball champion in her grade school days. At least that’s what she always tells us. Either way, tetherball is a game that our family has always loved, so of course it has to be a backyard idea I suggest. It’s quick, fun, and easy to learn.

Help improve your memory by making this giant lawn matching game. With fun designs and easy rules, even your youngest kids can play. It’ll be fun to see who has the best memory out of everyone!

14 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

You don’t need to upheave your entire backyard to make a nice landscape. Add a small little path that winds through the garden. Or you could add a more noticeable path from bricks or other prominent material. The choice is yours, but a pathway is always a cute addition.

A water feature will do two things for your yard. 1) It adds that wonderful background noise that can melt your stress away. 2) It creates a focal point for the yard and a conversation piece. Choose a fountain, river, waterfall, or any combination.

Enhance your backyard with a fun and immersive yard game. You could build a whole DIY bowling alley that your guests can enjoy. You could also add a chess/checkers board for late-night games. There are limitless options for backyard games.

The lighting in your yard will take it from drab to fab. I promise. Dull, poor lighting means the party can only go until the sun sets. Fun, effective lighting makes the mood better and lets the party last until whenever you say it ends.

If you have a pool, then that needs to be the focal point of your yard. If the landscaping is not set up that way, then you know what you have to do. Build a sun-tanning area, put in a fireplace, do anything like that. In summer, everyone should be at the poolside!

This pergola and pond combination has really got me jealous. I want it in my own yard. It looks so comfy and intimate while also looking like a place the whole family can gather. You don’t have to go this intense, but any type of pergola will enhance the view in your yard.

Privacy shrubs will change your life drastically if you have nosy neighbors. You’ll no longer have to worry about them spying, and you can enjoy the comfort of your own yard. You can do shrubs, hedges, planters, or any other style of privacy fence.

For those of us with a green thumb and some extra space, consider building a greenhouse in your garden area. It will allow you much more time in the year to grow plants, and you don’t have to be victim to the weather. You could also just improve the garden to make it prettier.

I absolutely love the idea of having a courtyard in the backyard. Of course, you’ll need quite a bit of space, or the courtyard will feel cramped. But this is such an elegant and classy backyard landscape idea, I couldn’t not share it.

Add a trellis or arbor to your backyard. You’ll be surprised by how much it can change the whole look of the landscape. Add some dangling ivy and plants to make it even cuter.

A simple way to improve the landscape is by adding a patio and firepit. There are a million different ways to do this, so choose a budget and style that fits best for you.

A lot of people don’t pay attention to this idea, but flower beds can really make or break your landscape. Dull and empty beds can make even the prettiest yard look ugly and boring. Add some new flowers, build up the beds, or make other improvements as your wallet sees fit.

A yard can look completely different just by adding a fence to it. And you have hundreds of choices. Picket, vinyl, wrought iron, and so many more. Grow some vines on the fence to make it even more rustic.

You guys, this potting shed is absolutely GORGEOUS! Like, I seriously love it so much. The way it’s nestled in between the plants and shrubs makes it look like a scene from Secret Garden.

12 Brilliant Grassland Landscape Ideas

This idea lets you still grow things for a garden, but it doesn’t require nearly as much grass and lawn. The gravel acts as the backyard, and the raised garden beds give you the growing space you want. This will save you an arm and a leg in water bills.

If your backyard isn’t too big, consider turning it into a full patio. Using brick and other similar materials, you can get a gorgeous look like this one. Add some subtle greenery around the edges, and you won’t even miss the grass.

For those of you with pools, make that the centerpiece of your yard. Get rid of the grass and build a super fancy lounging area. Get those nice sun beds, a gazebo maybe, and a place to hang towels and place snacks.

I like how this lawn has a secluded little area for chairs. It provides a space for relaxing and just enjoying the end of a busy day with your loved ones. You could even add a fire pit there, but it’s up to you.

This modern patio is a great way to get a mix of gravel and stone. The square pieces give the yard a contemporary feel, but the gravel makes it not feel as constricted. You can add some drought-resistant plants around the edges, too, if you still want some green.

This terrace is probably one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I love how the wood meets the cement in a seamless and sophisticated way. The fire pit, couches, and table make the space even more comfortable and cozy.

A windy rock path combined with some other features can create a fun and unique look to your yard. The path blends into the beds surrounding it. You can also get a mixture of materials here, including stone and bark.

If you want something fancy, go for a courtyard look. You don’t need any grass if you do it right. Normally, a water feature will be the focal point of this type of yard, so keep that in mind.

Build a pergola in your backyard and add some subtle groundcover to give the illusion of grass and greenery. It obviously isn’t grass, by the groundcover requires significantly less water and maintenance than normal grass. Plus, the pergola gives you a place to hang out.

Just because you don’t have grass doesn’t mean you can’t have green. If you plan it correctly, you can have even more green than you ever imagined. Combine shrubs, bushes, flowers, and other plants that don’t need much water and maintenance. You’ll be surprised at how colorful everything can still be.

A dry water feature is always a nice way to incorporate some décor into your grassless backyard. It also gives an explanation as to why you don’t have grass. The water feature can be any size you want, but normally a dry creek bed or something similar looks best.

This boardwalk idea looks so cute; I love it! I adore the color of the wood, and the features around the boardwalk match it all so well. This is a nice setup because it makes your yard look big while limiting where people can go. Which means less upkeep for you!

10 Plants That Even Children can Grow

Lavender. This is one of my favorite plants. Not only does it smell great and can be used in so many ways, but the color is also beautiful. Lavender is really hardy, so even your young kids can grow them without much fear of it dying.

Aloe. This plant can be grown outside, but it also flourishes well inside in a container. That makes it ideal for kids. They can keep the aloe succulent in their room and take care of it.  The leaves are a bit spikey, so make sure your kids know that and handle accordingly.

Christmas Cactus. This is an incredibly gorgeous plant that doesn’t require much upkeep. It blossoms in a few different colors including red, white, and lilac. It blooms near the end of December, adding a lot of color to an otherwise gray season.

Peace Lily. This plant can grow pretty big, but you don’t need to do much to care for it. It survives in low humidity and low light. Beautiful flowers typically bloom in the summer, which makes this plant definitely worth any work you may have to put into it.

Sourwood. For a tree to grow, try a sourwood. There are a few different varieties, so choose the one that fits your budget and schedule best. It’ll be a fun project for you and your kids to take care of a tree. They’ll love seeing it grow!

Apple Tree. If your kids are just dying to grow a fruit tree, then apple may be one of the best. It’s a fruit tree so, it will require some work, but nothing that a firm schedule shouldn’t fix.

Ficus. Here’s a plant that’s great for indoor growing. It can get big, so it’s a wonderful décor for any room in need of a floor plant. Wherever you put it, just keep it there, because the ficus doesn’t like being moved and changing environments.

Day Lily. These are a colorful and simple plant to grow. They look great in the flowerbeds, in direct sight, or tucked away in a garden somewhere.

Black-eyed Susan. Your kids will love the contrasting colors of the perennial. It is a self-seeding flower, so you don’t have to do much on that front. Grow in the garden or window boxes for best results.

Hoya. This is a unique and fast-growing hanging plant. It’s great for home décor that you plan on putting on the walls or hanging from the ceiling instead of just growing on a countertop. Your kids will love the extra dimension this plant gives to the space.

10 Gorgeous DIY Creek Beds

Take your dry creek bed to a whole new level with a bridge over it! Obviously, you don’t need it to cross the water, but the bridge adds such beauty. It can be any type and any size; just make it look good and have fun!

Place some tiki torches around the edge of your dry creek bed to give it more of a personality. This has two functions. 1) It adds light and style to the creek bed so that it looks even better. 2) The torches serve as a visual reminder that there’s a creek bed there, something that comes in handy when it’s late and dark.

A dry creek bed surrounded by flourishing plants and flowers is one of the best looks out there. Choose flowers that are easy to maintain and natural to the area. If you do, you won’t even have to do much to make sure they stay alive.

If that’s a bit too much work for you, have a stone-heavy dry creek bed. Use different types of rocks and boulders to decorate in and around the creek bed. The finished look is stunning.

A downhill dry creek bed gives it a natural look and can also help add some drainage to your yard. Also, if it does end up raining a lot, the creek may come in handy!

Situate the dry creek bed between two rows of dark bark. You can actually use any material you want, as long as the creek is nestled gently between them. I suggest choosing an exterior material that will complement the colors in the creek bed.

Be creative and place your creek bed underneath your water spout. When it’s sunny, the creek bed is dry and decorative. When it rains, the creek bed will become an actual creek. It’s a nice way to have a water feature without putting all the work into the plumbing and whatnot.

If you just want a simple creek bed, then try this one. It’s a straight and classic design that will look great in any yard you place it in. It’s nothing fancy, but it definitely heightens the yard and does its job.

I like dry creek beds, but I also like water features. This idea combines both. You get the creek bed look while also having a fountain or other water feature. You get that nice white noise that I love so much!

Add some décor and other personal touches to the dry creek bed. It could be in the actual bed or just on the side. These colored orbs make the bed so much cuter and definitely more unique!

10 Genius DIY Projects for Your Patio

I love my patio, but I don’t love how easily my neighbors can see and hear me and my guests back there. A privacy fence help solves that. You can do a hedge, a curtain, or even frosted glass. You could also add a water feature to get some white noise.

Build this party-ready table that will fulfill all of your summer party dreams. The strip down the middle is for ice so you can keep drinks cool and fresh. You could also put succulents or other plants in it, but I think the drink cooler is a lot more practical.

Lights make the patio, I’m not kidding you. If you have bad lighting, the party won’t last much longer after nightfall. But if you have trendy and cute lighting, you guys will be out there all night! Choose from a plethora of choices for your patio.

One of those options is to make some DIY tiki torches. You can hang them on the wall or put them in the ground. Some can even be made with citronella oil to repel mosquitos and other bugs.

A swinging chair makes the patio perfect. It’s such a fun place to relax and hang out during the day. My kids love our swinging chair, so you might want to build two!

If you like to entertain your guests on your patio, then you want to get a bar cart for the backyard. It allows you to get, refill, and freshen up drinks without ever having to step back inside. Trust me, everyone will love it.

A storage ottoman is a great addition to any patio because it opens up space. You no longer have to have all of your blankets and pillows crowding up all the spots. Just put them in the ottoman and pull them out when you need them.

The second I saw this project, I knew I needed it.  A giant day bed is pretty much the best thing ever. It looks so cozy! I can see myself relaxing on this thing when the kids are at school and just reading my favorite books (because us moms have SO MUCH free time).

To give your patio a more seasonal feel, why not make some seasonal pillow covers. They can be as simple or complex as you need them. A pumpkin silhouette or an expansive Halloween sky. It’s up to you!

Build your very own planters for all the flowers and veggies you want to grow. Try different materials, use different colors, and just have fun with it! You can always replace the planters when you get bored.

13 DIY Backyard Pathways

I love flagstone. It’s easy to work with, looks great, and relatively well-priced. You can place the flagstone right next to one another, or you can space them out for a more country-like feel. Also make sure to choose a flagstone color and style that best fits your yard and house.

Upcycle an old garden pallet by making a pathway for your yard. The planks can be pulled off and touched up, then just place them on the ground. You’ll need to surround them with rocks to secure in place or push them into the dirt. You don’t want the planks getting moved around.

Stone and moss is a nice combination. The soft and hard textures work together really well. I prefer a gray or simple type of stone to go with the moss. I think it makes it look quainter and more rustic.

If you have a yard that doesn’t have much grass, do a combination of gravel and square (or rectangular) cement pieces. This looks particularly good in a dry climate like the Southwest. I like to see bigger squares of the cement and smaller, more reddish, stones, but that’s just my opinion.

A nice twist on the cement squares is to do the same thing but decorate them! You (and your kids) can each paint a cement step or create some consistent design. These look good in any type of yard and environment.

A fun project to do with your family is to make your own stepping stones for a pathway in the yard. You can use big leaves to make the outlines, or random materials you have around the home. You can even carve names and dates into the cement to make a memento.

Thinly sliced logs look good in a yard that has a sort of forest-y feel to it. I would suggest either using the same exact size and type of logs or vary them all. You don’t want a pathway that looks like it couldn’t decide to be consistent or not.

For a classic and simple pathway, use brick. It’s not some eccentric and unique idea, but it looks amazing. Try a few different designs and layouts to see which one you like best. This idea works well if you also have a brick patio (but it’s not necessary).

A cute little mosaic stepping stone collection is such a fun idea. You can be as creative as you want with this idea. It’s also one that you can enlist the children to help with.

I didn’t think I was going to like this design at first, but it really grew on me. The sort of eclectic nature makes it really fun and appealing. I believe it’s made from leftover granite from a kitchen remodel. What a smart way to upcycle.

Here’s a design that used to be really popular and is starting to come back in style. It’s the wooden box with stone in the center. You could also use rocks or bark or another material. They’re relatively easy to make, and they’re best for sloped yards that need stairs.

If you’re REALLY crafty, why not make seasonal pathways for your yard. You can do little reindeer for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween, or tiny hearts for Valentine’s Day.

A super easy and cheap backyard pathway idea is gravel. That’s right, just plain gravel with some edging to keep it in the right spot. It looks pretty good, gets the job done, and is a really fast project.

13 Homemade Rain Chains That Look Awesome!

If you want a rain chain but don’t want it to take away from your scenic and natural backyard, then make one out of pinecones! That’s right, pinecones.  I like using artificial ones (that look real), because they’re easier to maintain. Wrap wire around them so they’re tightly secured and then hang it up.