9 Privacy Walls to Make Your Backyard and Relaxing Retreat

There are about a million different types of curtains you can use for your privacy wall. Any option is great, as long as you like it. You can go for light and airy ones or thick, sturdy ones to really keep it private.

Hedges are a great privacy wall idea because they also add color and foliage. If you feel your yard is lacking a bit of green, but it’s too small to add plants and a privacy wall, then this is your solution. There are innumerable types you can use, so pick wisely.

A trellis is such a classy and sophisticated privacy wall. It still allows light and a breeze in, but keeps your pesky neighbors from spying. You can get free-standing trellises or ones that come with built-in planters.

Another great idea for people who are tight are yard space is a hanging garden that doubles as a privacy wall. What I like about this is that you can grow flowers and herbs so the wall is also practical.

Old shutters can be touched up and refurbished to make quite an adorable privacy wall. Paint them all one color or go for a fun and eclectic collection. They can even be varying heights, too.

Roman shades are great for an outdoor privacy wall because they just seem like the belong outside. They’re also retractable, too, so you can pull them up if you want. The material and versatility of this wall makes it highly desirable.

I think this chevron privacy wall is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen. I love the tiny little spaces between the boards that allow for some sunlight to come in. I think the plain wood looks great, but you could also paint it.

Frosted glass is a solid privacy wall idea, but it will require some money to get installed (especially if you need the mounts built, too). However, if you’re looking for a wall that gives you privacy but doesn’t block out the light or colors from the other side, then this is definitely the best option.

I really like planters as a privacy wall because you can move them around, if need be, and they make your patio and yard feel a bit more natural. I also think they don’t make things feel as cramped since the plants aren’t man-made. But that’s just me. Choose a plant that grows tall and relatively thick for best results.