14 Terrific DIY Bird Feeders for Your Yard

Upcycle that old chandelier that you have sitting around, and use it to make a bird feeder for your yard! You don’t have to spend any money, and you can feel good that you didn’t add to the local dump.

A nice way to add a bird feeder without disturbing the “theme” of your patio could be to use terra cotta pots. They’ll match the other pots you may have, and they’re actually very functional when it comes to being a bird feeder. You can even use some old ones you have lying around.

I thought this was such an adorable bird feeder idea! It’s a monogram so you can decorate and bring birds to your yard. Use colorful seeds and ingredients to make it even better.

An old lamp post is a super great option for a DIY bird feeder. Remove the glass (if needed), and simply place a bowl of bird seed in the bottom. You can attach the post to a wall or into the ground.

Wine bottles can be upcycled for a fun and creative project. Turn them into bird feeders with just a bit of work and place them around your yard and patio. They’re easy to make, cheap, and look good.

If you have kids who like to watch birds, then this window attachment is a perfect idea. It looks like a birdhouse, but it sits on the window with a tray for food so you can see the birds come and go.

This wreath bird feeder is amazing. I just love it so much. The best part is that it adds practicality and art to your yard. Hang it from the porch, a tree, or anywhere else.

An incredibly simple yet functional bird feeder just involves some rope and a bowl. Place the feed in the bowl, and tie it up using three lines. It doesn’t take much time at all.

I bet you didn’t know you could use an orange as a bird feeder. But you can! In fact, you can use the inside of a pumpkin or any other fruit/veggie that you think would be great. If you use a shell that the birds will eat, that’s even better!

Use cookie cutters to make any and all kinds of shapes for your bird feeders! You can do seasonal decorations like hearts, or you can just use normal cookie cutters. The choice is yours, and you have so many options.

A plastic bottle is a cheap, simple, and incredibly easy bird feeder idea. You don’t really have to have any crafting skills to make this DIY project. A few simple tweaks to the bottle, and you’re good to go.

I love how you can upcycle even an empty roll of toilet paper to make an effective bird feeder. This idea is so easy! Simply roll the tube in peanut butter and then stick the seeds and other ingredients on it. Hang it up, and the birds will flock to your yard.

If you’ve recently updated your teacups, or you have some broken ones, use them to make a bird feeder. I think it looks cute if you attach the saucer to the bottom of the teacup. But you can really do whatever you want.

One of the simplest bird feeder ideas is using an old Bundt cake pan. It’s easy to hang up requires no modifications, and can hold lots of bird seed. You can paint or decorate the pan if you want, but it isn’t necessary.

10 Creative Ways to Upcycle Wine Barrels in the Yard

Wine barrels are the perfect shape for coffee and end tables. You can cut them whichever way works best and then patch them up to be solid. The style and material really adds a new depth to your outdoor space.

I would have never thought in a million years to turn a wine barrel into a fire pit. But it’s an amazing idea! It’s got a great support, and it’s big enough for a large fire.

Give ol’ Fido a nice place to sleep with a wine barrel dog bed. It looks so comfy and cozy. I also like how it enhances the space and acts like a decoration, not just a dog bed.

Wine barrels can be turned into about a dozen different planters. It’s really only limited by your creativity and how many wine barrels you have access to. I like the tiered one that has the different sections sticking out.

Yes, you can use wine barrels to make a gorgeous table. The barrels act as the legs to support a large and majestic wooden piece. This can be dressed up for a fancy event, or it can remain plain and still be impressive.

Cut up that old wine barrel and turn it into a practical ice chest for your outdoor events.  I love the full-circle feel: drinks being cooled in an old wine barrel. There’s something so special about that.

Honestly, your wine barrels don’t even have to have a practical purpose. You could strategically place them around the yard to act as décor. You could also spruce them up a bit, like turning them into a decorative water pump or water feature, but that’s not necessary.

If you’re really crafty, turn that wine barrel into a chandelier you can hang up! That’s right, it’s totally possible. It definitely requires some work, but you can do it.

Cut a slice of the wine barrel out and create some notches to store your wine. This can be used both inside and outside, actually. It’s a pretty classy way to keep your wine organized.

Wine barrels are prefect for making a sink. The empty space inside can be carved out for plumbing, and you can even add a door for storage space. I think a sink like this is simple but adds a lot to the patio or yard.