11 Cleverly Creative Rain Chain Ideas

Take your old spoons and bend them around to get this fantastic rain chain! You can work in some forks, if you want, but I think the spoons create a really great chain. You can get it so the water splashes off them playfully!

There are about a dozen or so ways to make a rain chain out of terracotta pots. You can use pretty much any size you want, and the pots work well. Make sure to drill holes through the bottom to drain properly. You can also use whatever color you want.

Copper rings are a simple yet effective product to make a rain chain with. The link together incredibly easily, and the water will flow right down them. Make the chain as long or as short as you need.

For a more decorative approach, try this. Wrap some rocks in wire and then make a urban jungle type rain chain. The metal wire and the natural rocks go together really well, especially when rain is running down them.

This ceramic rain chain is so creative and unique. You can take your own approach to it, but it’s a great idea. I love the shape and the different colors that come into play with this decoration idea.

Funnels are, well, perfect for a rain chain. Because they funnel the water down. You’ll just need a chain or wire to attach them all, but that’s not too hard to find.

For a more rustic and natural approach, use pinecones. I would suggest artificial pinecones because they’ll stay together longer, but it’s up to you. The pinecones make the chain look great and don’t attract too much attention.

Lanterns can be converted to make a really artsy and cute rain chain. Space them evenly so the water can run down them and that’s about it. I like to use just one type of lantern, but you can do what works best for you.

Plants are a really creative and clever way to make a rain chain. You’ll need to make sure to position them correctly so the water doesn’t flood the plant out, but it does work. Artificial plants are also a great way to accomplish this design.

Rustic décor is just one of the many materials you can use to make a rain chain. You can really just find whatever you want and string them together to make a rain chain. It’s always nice if there’s a theme (like rustic), but that’s ultimately your decision.

A simple chain can’t be underestimated. It works, it’s easy to make, and it doesn’t take much time or money. You can’t beat that. And it definitely gets the job done!

13 Homemade Rain Chains That Look Awesome!

If you want a rain chain but don’t want it to take away from your scenic and natural backyard, then make one out of pinecones! That’s right, pinecones.  I like using artificial ones (that look real), because they’re easier to maintain. Wrap wire around them so they’re tightly secured and then hang it up.