10 Genius Things You can Make from Your Herb Garden

Now you can enjoy the fresh smell of lavender or basil all year long when you make a candle. This requires a bit of planning and some candle-making skill, but it’s way cheaper than store-bought candles, and you’ll feel great that you made it yourself.

Herb wreaths are a genius way to enjoy the smell of herbs around your entire home while also decorating. You can add your favorite herbs into the wreath and update it whenever the scent seems to go away. You can also change them out periodically to match the season.

My family and I love pesto, so I was incredibly excited when I found out you can make your own. Store-bought pesto is really expensive (at least in the quantity I have to buy it), and you never really know what’s in it. With this recipe, you know exactly what you’re feeding your family.

Another recipe I like to make from my herb garden is salad dressing. Much like pesto, it lets me control what my family eats (salad dressing can have so much garbage in it!). I also get to customize the flavors of my dressings, so I’m never disappointed!

Magic sauce is another fantastic recipe that my family and I love. It’s a combination of a bunch of different herbs (you can customize it to your family’s liking), and you can put it on, or in, anything. Add to soup, marinade meat, or touch up anything else. This magic sauce is seriously delicious.

I used to have a lot of sleeping problems a few years back, and I found this craft that has worked wonders. They’re sleep pillows that you fill with chamomile and lavender. The scents of the herbs work together to lull you to sleep and give you a much better night’s sleep.

If you want a really fun project from your herb garden, then try making some soap! You can use nearly all the herbs in your garden. It may take a few tries before you get the right texture and hold, but it’s a fun family project.

Have you noticed how expensive infused vinegar is when you try to buy it from the store? It’s like an arm and a leg! But, with your herb garden, you can make your own infused vinegar at a fraction of the price.

Ever since I’ve had kids, I’ve become incredibly cautious with the type of cleaning materials I bring into my house. I don’t like anything too strong or with harsh chemicals, so natural cleaners are a great solution. You can make your own cleansing spray with herbs from your very garden. It’s way cheaper and safer than processed stuff from the store.

You guys, have you ever had flavored butter? If you haven’t, then you’re missing SO much. You’ll seriously never want to eat normal butter ever again. You can make all kinds of flavored butter with any of the herbs you grow.