13 Different Ways to Make a Rock Pathway

A pallet pathway is a simple and easy solution. Surround the pieces with rocks, and you have a cute rock pathway. I prefer lighter colors, but this also looks good with dark rocks and wood.

5 Fantastic Ways to Use Rock Mulch in Your Yard


Putting a smaller and darker rock mulch ring inside of a larger amount of rock mulch looks really good. I know it may seem strange, but it’s actually really nice. Choose colors that contrast but that complement one another. That way you’ll get a really clean-looking line between the two.

Coordinate the color of your rock mulch with the plants in your yard/garden and the color of your home. You don’t want brown rock mulch with a navy house; it would just seem strange. If you can get your home, plants, and mulch all coordinating and complementing one another, then you’re on the right path.

Remember, when it comes to rock mulch, there’s not just a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, you should try to mix the rock sizes that you use. It will add another layer of texture and depth to your yard and garden, which makes it more interesting. Play around with a few different sized rocks and see what you like most.

Make a border for your plants and rock mulch. Some people just kind of let the mulch peter out as it reaches the grass, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. By making a border, you create crisp lines to divide up your yard and make things seem a lot neater and more organized.

Just because you’re using rock mulch doesn’t mean all the other types of mulch are off limits. You can actually often combine rock mulch with other types of mulch to get a really diversified. For example, bark and rock mulch usually always complement each other!

10 Amazing Rock Pathway Ideas for Your Yard

Use some upcycled slabs of wood and some rock to make a gorgeous pathway for your yard. The wood adds an extra dimension to the rock path and really brings the whole thing together. You could use wood from old pallets for this idea.

I like combining shapes, and this is a fun idea. Use large square stepping stones with smaller, round stones. The play between the color of the rocks as well as the shapes is awesome. I prefer rounded square stepping stones, but you can choose the type you like best.

Flagstone is another great way to use different sizes of rocks. The flagstone is nice because it has a more natural look. Put rocks between the flagstone or use something else like mulch.

Be creative and make a geometric pattern for your rock path. You can choose any geometric style, but a solid crisscross usually works well. I would suggest using two colors of stones (three at THE most), because it can get a bit too intense after that.

Have fun and stencil or paint the stepping stones that you want to put in your yard. This is a great idea if you have little kids that need some fun projects for the summer. Choose a simple design with simple colors to make the best stones.

Customize the stones you use in your rock path to get a really unique and one-of-a-kind yard. I really like these lace stepping stones because they’re so delicate looking but really strong. They also remind me of dragonflies, which I like.

If you’re going for a sea and beach theme, then these ocean-inspired stepping stones are for you! You can even get your kids to help by collecting seashells, sand dollars, and other similar objects.

A gravel rock path with a simple border is an awesome idea. You can choose from many types of gravel (color, size, etc.), so choose the one that goes the best with the rest of your yard. Also, make the border a strong part of the path and not just a lame sidepiece.

Decorative stepping stones are a fun way to bring a rock feature to your pathway without overloading. You can either make your own with a cement cast DIY or just buy ones that you really like. The choice is yours!

Did you ever think about using old broken plates and bottles to make stepping stones? Much like the idea above, this requires you doing a DIY project, but that should be fun! The plate pieces can be a nice way to recycle what you can’t use anymore.