10 Gorgeous DIY Creek Beds

Take your dry creek bed to a whole new level with a bridge over it! Obviously, you don’t need it to cross the water, but the bridge adds such beauty. It can be any type and any size; just make it look good and have fun!

Place some tiki torches around the edge of your dry creek bed to give it more of a personality. This has two functions. 1) It adds light and style to the creek bed so that it looks even better. 2) The torches serve as a visual reminder that there’s a creek bed there, something that comes in handy when it’s late and dark.

A dry creek bed surrounded by flourishing plants and flowers is one of the best looks out there. Choose flowers that are easy to maintain and natural to the area. If you do, you won’t even have to do much to make sure they stay alive.

If that’s a bit too much work for you, have a stone-heavy dry creek bed. Use different types of rocks and boulders to decorate in and around the creek bed. The finished look is stunning.

A downhill dry creek bed gives it a natural look and can also help add some drainage to your yard. Also, if it does end up raining a lot, the creek may come in handy!

Situate the dry creek bed between two rows of dark bark. You can actually use any material you want, as long as the creek is nestled gently between them. I suggest choosing an exterior material that will complement the colors in the creek bed.

Be creative and place your creek bed underneath your water spout. When it’s sunny, the creek bed is dry and decorative. When it rains, the creek bed will become an actual creek. It’s a nice way to have a water feature without putting all the work into the plumbing and whatnot.

If you just want a simple creek bed, then try this one. It’s a straight and classic design that will look great in any yard you place it in. It’s nothing fancy, but it definitely heightens the yard and does its job.

I like dry creek beds, but I also like water features. This idea combines both. You get the creek bed look while also having a fountain or other water feature. You get that nice white noise that I love so much!

Add some décor and other personal touches to the dry creek bed. It could be in the actual bed or just on the side. These colored orbs make the bed so much cuter and definitely more unique!

6 Greatest Tips for Growing Delicious Tomatoes

A really important tip for tomatoes is to help them grow a strong root system. Do this by planting the tomatoes at least 4 inches deep (6 inches or more if you live in a hot climate). The soil will be more moist at 4 inches or lower, meaning the roots can spread more effectively.

5 Essentials for Growing the Best Strawberries

Strawberries are a lot like me: they’re sweet, they thrive in summer, and they love the sun! Remember that and you’ll remember to plant your strawberries in full sun. This keeps them strong and healthy, meaning the strawberries will be sweeter, bigger, and so much tastier!

How to Save Money and Build Your Own Pergola

If you’ve decided to take on the task of making your own pergola, first off, congratulations! It’ll be a fun but difficult project. After you’ve wrapped your mind around the project (and decided what kind of pergola you want), it’s time to get the right materials. Make sure you get materials that are good for your climate. Lots of rain? Make sure you have sturdy wood. Loose soil? Make sure you get firm supports. Do some research and then buy the right materials.

How to Make All-Natural Homemade Pesticides

Cayenne pepper is a little too spicy for me, so I totally understand why it acts as a pesticide! Combine one tablespoon of cayenne pepper with a few drops of liquid soap (I suggest Ivory). Give it a few hours (or overnight) to settle and then use it. You’ll want to shake it before, so that the mixture is active and potent!

13 Ways to Add Lighting to Your Backyard

If you have a border around your yard, then add some lights to it. You can take a string or tube of lights and attach them to the inside part of the border. It’s that easy.

3 Ways to Kill Ants Naturally

Who really likes ants, right? There are a few different ways to kill them, and these are all natural solutions! The first is with baking soda and vinegar. Pour some baking soda around and into the ant hill. Let it sit for about thirty minutes. After that, add vinegar to the ant hill. The chemical reaction will expand in or around the ants to kill them pretty quickly.

26 Clever Gardening Tips and Tricks You Must Know

I love growing my own plants, but sometimes you can get… weird results. One year, I had some beautiful tomatoes that were SO sour. It was pretty bad. I learned, though, that you can mix some baking soda into the soil to make your tomatoes sweeter in just a matter of days!

6 Essential Tips to Grow Lavender- and Propagate it!

Lavender is such a fun plant to grow, but it isn’t the easiest to keep alive. That being said, don’t be afraid to grow some, especially if you’re in the climate for it. If planting in the garden, space your lavender plants about 12-18 inches apart. This will allow them to suck up the nutrients and sunlight they need to stay alive!

22 Low Maintenance Perennials

I love the shape and color of this perennial. It grows best in a shade garden, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place it belongs. Just watch the soil for this plant, and you should be good. Old fashioned bleeding heart is a great choice for your garden.